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10Mbps slower download

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I typically get 32Mbps which is what the TalkTalk service dashboard suggests my connection is capable of but lately I've only been getting 20Mbps. I've done all the usual troubleshooting like turning off the TalkTalk router/modem then turning it back on before testing it, making sure other devices are off and making sure I'm not on wireless (I test directly plugged into the router/modem) but I continue to only get 20 Mbps.


If needed here's the connection information from the TalkTalk HG633 router/modem:


DSL synchronization status: Up
Connection status: Showtime
Upstream line rate (kbit/s): 5216
Downstream line rate (kbit/s): 22399
Maximum upstream rate (kbit/s): 5577
Maximum downstream rate (kbit/s): 47420
Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 6.1
Downstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 8.9
Upstream interleave depth: 1
Downstream interleave depth: 2723
Line standard: VDSL2
Upstream line attenuation (dB): 0.9
Downstream line attenuation (dB): 16.3
Upstream output power (dBm): 2.7
Downstream output power (dBm): 13.5
Channel type: Interleaved




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Thanks for the update. If the connection now remains stable then DLM may increase the speed over the next few days 🙂





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All is working now. I managed to get the new router working by using the provided rj11 cable instead of my current one. My speed is back up and all is fine. I guess this issue is fixed, I just hope DLM realises my connection is fine at sync speed 31798. It would be nice to be a little bit closer to my maximum rate which is 36146 but for now I'm happy.


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I'm sorry to hear this. How are you getting on?





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Were you using the new cable and microfilter (if required) that came with the new router, as sometimes the modern routers don't like working with older cables / microfilters. You could also try a factory reset of the new router by holding in the reset switch on the back for over 10 seconds, just in case it has some strange config that it stopping it from connecting.


If you were to leave over 30 minutes between switching one router off and switching the other router on, then that should limit the chance of DLM getting excited. As long as there is over 30 minutes of downtime after you switch a router off then DLM should be clever enough to understand that it was an intentional power down, and not a fault, and so it should not count it as a drop.


Also, DLM counts up issues in 24 hour windows, so if you did want to try it again then maybe wait until tomorrow, as that will ensure that any drops tomorrow are not added to any drops today when it is summing up how many drops you have had.


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The new router came but I'm having trouble getting it to work. The led constantly flashes and it says it can't connect to my working Internet connection. I've tried resetting it several times but nothing is working. I can unplug it, plug my old one back in and have it working instantly. 


Anyways I've been monitoring my Internet speed and it appears the DLM gods have gracefully allowed me to have my old speed back. My old router now syncs at 34283 kbit/s so my problem has been fixed until DLM decides I'm not allowed it again then we're back to square one. I want to keep trying this new router but I don't want DLM to notice my constant disconnects then think I'm no longer allowed 34283 kbit/s so shall I return this new router using the provided return label?


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Hi TTBrettie


Thanks for your reply. The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection/speed compares with this router.





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Support Team
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Hi TTBrettie


I'm sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults. There are re connections on the line and this can affect the sync speed.


Would you like me to send a replacement router for testing to see how the connection compares?






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DLM will only have made an adjustment to your profile if it detected a problem with your connection, the job of DLM is to balance speed with reliability, so if it detected some issue that could cause your connection to become unstable it would automatically adjust your profile to slow your connection in an attempt to make it more stable. DLM will also increase your speeds again if a problem is fixed and your line quality increases.


So best to let the staff here take a look at this, it may not even be DLM, that was just a guess based on your noise margin hovering around 9. The staff here can't make changes to DLM directly, but they will be able to help you get any issue with your connection resolved, and once that issue is resolved DLM would automatically increase your speeds again.


Hopefully staff will be able to get back to you within a few working days.

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When I was getting 32Mbps my connection was rock solid, I was happy with it albeit I want faster (TalkTalk says I could get up to 39Mbps which would be a dream come true). Zero connection drops for 2+ years of TalkTalk deciding I'm only allowed 32Mbps. So why has the Openreach Dynamic Line Management suddenly decided I'm not longer allowed 32Mbps if my connection has been fine? Can a TalkTalk staff please change me back? I have no complains on 32Mbps and 20Mbps is just not good enough for my usage.


I've already ran a connect test. It says there's no fault.chrome_UfYWb4x9a0.png


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Hi @TTBrettie,


Your router is currently only syncing with the street cabinet at 22399, so with a sync speed like that you will only get speed test results of around 20mbps. I notice your 'Downstream noise safety coefficient' is a bit high, the target value is 6dB, so the fact that yours is around 9dB may indicate that the Openreach Dynamic Line Management (DLM) system has adjusted your line profile to try to make your connection more stable, it will do this if it sees a lot of disconnections (more than 5 or so a day), or lots of errors on the line. DLM will often adjust that value in steps of 3dB, so the fact that the target is 6 and yours is very close to 9 may indicate that it is DLM that has done this.


Have you been noticing the router dropping the connection and having to reconnect a lot recently ?


It would be worth going to the Service Centre to run a connection test on your line, this will indicate if there is currently a fault affecting your service. You can also access this from the ‘My Account’ site.


Also, if you have a landline phone can you check to see if that is working normally (i.e. you have a clear dial tone and no noise on the line).


If your master phone socket has a test socket then you could also try the router in there, that would then eliminate any of the phone wiring in your home as being a possible cause of the problem (although you may need to leave the router connected at the test socket for 72+ hours before you would start to see a speed increase if this was the cause of the problem).


The TalkTalk staff on this community will be able to help, and will be able to check if it is indeed DLM that has reduced your sync speed, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within a few working days.