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2.4Ghz devices periodically dropping off router

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Since joining TT all of my 2.4Ghz devices have been periodically dropping off wifi and then reconnecting a few minutes later.  This is apparent and logged as I have a Nest doorbell they only works on 2.4Ghz and is only 1m away from the router. Each time the doorbell disconnects I get sent an email notification, of which I have lots now. I have tried changing the wifi channel, first seeing which were free using a wifi analyser.  But this hasnt helped. I suspect I have a faulty router as this never happened with my old Sky router. Is anyone else experiencing the same problems?

Rowan Clarke

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Hi Rowan,


I've ordered the router, it should be with you within a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery 



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hope the new router sorts you out, we are at a loss here every day having to reboot the router just so my wife can get connected to wi-fi rubbish service m0fcg


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Yes please, I would like to try another router.

Many thanks @Debbie-TalkTalk 

Rowan Clarke

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Hi Rowan_clarke


I'm sorry for the delay.


Are devices connected to 2.4ghz still dropping? I can see that you are using the Sagemcom WIFI Hub, would you like to test with the Huawei WIFI Hub to see how the connection compares?


The line tests are all clear, no faults detected.





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I've lost count how many times I've been sat waiting for the persons waiting to answer my questions, I can relate to how you feel we are in discussion with bt not the cheapist Internet provider but better service, sick of been told it must be at our end where the problem is, even if bt open reach say all the cables OK.

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Hi, Yes it was exactly the same make and model.

Has anyone taken a look at the error logs to see if anything untoward is happening there?



Rowan Clarke

Support Team
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Hi Rowan,


I'm really sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Can I just confirm, was the replacement router that you received the same make and model as the original router? If it was then we can send a different make and model of router for testing purposes.




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Issue just happened again.

Lots of data on the on the routers log, would be worth a tech taking a look at i believe.

Rowan Clarke

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The connection restarted again 1 hour and 45 minutes ago.

Rowan Clarke

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Its not constant its as and when i have something to report or new information. The tagging is so that the correct people know there is new information to be read.  On the call today i was informed that the telephone and online staff do not monitor or link there cases to this forum.  if you have any issues its best to either call them or use the online chat.  And if u want a response them make a formal complaint.


Rowan Clarke

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Constant posting and tagging isn't going to help I'm afraid. I suggest you wait until the OCE pick this up agin, give them a day or two to catch up after the weekend. 

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So I lodged a formal complaint the other day and finally someone called me.

He said he was changing my wifi bands on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and assured me that this would solve the problem. 

2 hours later the same fault occurred.

The light on the front of the router goes from white to fast flashing orange/off to slow flashing orange/off to fast flashing orange/white then back to white.

@Chris-TalkTalk @Michelle-TalkTalk

Rowan Clarke

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If I'm being out of order here please say,but please review previous posts.

This has been on going since i joined TT, i reported it on Chat and didn't keep a record of dates (my bad learn from my mistakes) and then here on the 27/9/20.

As we can see from the community it looks like a router fault, since my 2.4ghz stops transmitting, and then restarting/rebooting.

A new router didn't help, hence my question on alternative firmware or another router.  Neither where answered in this forum and both denied in the chat.

they offered engineer visit at £40 and an new router at £40 for an issue of their system.

cant wait to be away from TT as they didn't seem to care or even respond to messages on this forum.  They rely on others to fix their issues for them. Complete joke! Thanks TT!

@Chris-TalkTalk @KeithFrench @Michelle-TalkTalk @M0FCG @ferguson 

Rowan Clarke

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So then i rejoined another chat:


TalkTalk: You are now through to VINCENTIVAN from Technical Support.

Good afternoon, Rowan. I hope you're well. How can I be of assistance?

Rowan Clarke: Please review my just disconnect chat and let me know if I'm free to leave TT without penalty

Thanks for getting back to us about this. I can check the previous chat for us to continue were we left off. I can see that I'm chatting with the account holder as per checking the chat survey earlier.To be able to check some additional details on the account, I will need to fully verify the account. Can you please confirm the mobile number registered?

Rowan Clarke: xxx

Thanks. Details match on the account and you've been fully verified. Please allow me 3-5 minutes as I review the details of the previous chat as well as the ongoing fault.

Rowan Clarke: Ok thanks

Thanks for patiently waiting. I can see that there was a complaint raised about the experience you are having with the service and this has been scheduled between 2pm - 4pm tomorrow. I do see that you have been on frequent checks with our advisers during the past weeks. For cancelling the service, if there is an ongoing fault that has been unresolved for more than 28 days, you can process for cancellation without paying for early termination charges. We can still continue with the checks done earlier, would that be alright?  

Rowan Clarke: This has been going on for way more than 28 days, please send an email saying that I can leave with out penalties
Rowan Clarke: Also what has been scheduled tomorrow, this is the first I have heard about that?

I can see that this was raised due to the chat you had earlier getting disconnected. In the scenario that we were not able to provide a satisfactory service for our customer and clearly there is a complaint raised on the chat, this is recognized and raise to one of the managers to handle further. I'm not able to send a direct email about this. If you want to have a record of what we have discussed today, You can have a copy of this chat emailed to you by clicking on the plus button on the bottom left of your chat window, then selecting the 'email transcript' option.

Rowan Clarke: Yeah that doesn't work. Can you please confirm I'm free to leave TT for poor service or put in me touch with someone who can?
Rowan Clarke: The previous agent said someone would call me in 2-3days if it's in 24hours why didn't they say that?

That's right. The given timescale is 3 days. Our managers will do their best to schedule this on the earliest available to be able to get in touch with you about this. If you would want to chat with someone who can advise further about the cancellation process, I can put you through our Better Value loyalty team, would that be alright?

Rowan Clarke: Yes perfect, why didn't the other agent do that?

I understand that you've been through much already and it would be best if we can provide you direct answers to this rather than having you experience having a long chat. Would there be anything else i can help before I transfer this chat?

Rowan Clarke: No thanks

Alright. Please stay online as I transfer the caht.

TalkTalk: Please stay online whilst we transfer you to the right team.
TalkTalk: We're busy helping other customers, we will be with you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.
TalkTalk: We're busy helping other customers, we will be with you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.
TalkTalk: You are now through to Gugulethu.
Gugulethu: Good Evening Rowan.

A very warm welcome to TalkTalk,  you are through to Gugulethu at the Better Value Department

Hope are well this evening .


Rowan Clarke: Not really but thanks for asking. Hope ur ok
Rowan Clarke: Can u please let me leave TT early for poor service?

I understand that you are looking to leave TalkTalk, I am sorry to hear that you wish to leave to TalkTalk rest assured I will help you with your cancellation request.

Rowan Clarke: Thank you

Your business with us means a lot to us. I can see that you have already completed the security check with the previous agent. Please allow me a few moments to access your account and assist you further.


Thank you for your kind patience.

Rowan Clarke: It's fine I have been on chat since 2.30 trying to resolve this

Upon looking at the account I do see that you are on Faster Fibre package for 18 months contract at the cost of £26.00 per month and contract end date is 13/01/2022.


I do see upon looking looking at the account that you reported fault on the 26/09/2020. That you have been experiencing slow speed connection.

Rowan Clarke: No I never reported slow speed

I understand. You reported ever since moving to TT you have had periodic dropouts on your Wi-Fi.

Rowan Clarke: Yes
Gugulethu: Thank you for confirming.

Due to an on ongoing complaint you are within your right to cancel due to an an open fault, I advise you that you give our Technical Team 28 days to help resolve your issue and if they are not able to resolve your issue you have the right to cancel free of charge.

Rowan Clarke: Can I ask what the technical team are going to do in the remaining days as at the moment it seems like nothing. Can I also get the above statement in an email please

To save a copy of the chat transcript for future reference, all you will need to do is click on the “+” button at the bottom left of the chat window.

Rowan Clarke: Yeah that doesn't work


I do apologies for the inconvenience that this  has caused you. Our Technical Team are doing their best they can in helping resolve your on going complaint I would advise you toe be patient as they are doing their best in closing your complaint successfully.

Rowan Clarke: Can u please send me s confirmation email

I can confirm that as you have had contact our Technical Team today you will receive communication by SMS and email however please do contact our Technical Team tomorrow as you agree to give our Technical Team 28 days to resolve your issue if unable you have right to cancel free of charge.

Rowan Clarke: Thanks because I wasnt informed about any SMS, what is the date on the 28 days please

I am unable to provide the 28 day will be as this is advised by Techincal Department.

Rowan Clarke: Surely its 28 days after the 26/9/20?
Gugulethu: I do fault was reported on the 15/10/2020 our Technical Team is given 30 days to resolve issue. Your right to cancel will be on the 14/11/2020.


Rowan Clarke: . I do see upon looking looking at the account that you reported fault on the 26/09/2020. That you have been experiencing slow speed connection
Rowan Clarke: A quote from you!
Rowan Clarke: If u look at the community ticket it been open for way longer than 2 days !

I understand this however you were not happy with the resolution provided on the 15/10/2020 and they arranged call back for later to help resolve this issue for you.

Rowan Clarke: No that isn't the case, and I believe you are just saying this to prolong the period I'm under contact with u do u get more money. The ticket in the community hasn't been resolved neither has any of my chats

I understand. As I explained that I am unable to provide the 28 day as this open complaint is from Technical Team I am able to transfer you to them to advise you further on this.  

Rowan Clarke: What, so my open ticket on the community doesn't count for anything even though TT actively push this to TT customers for help and advice?

No please understand that our Technical Team is able to advise you with the information you need as you currently have an open complaint.

Rowan Clarke: They sent me to you

I would be able to confirm this will you however as I not able give you the correct date I may give wrong date not because I am looking to prolong the period.


I understand you wanted to discuss cancellation if you cancel contract you are liable to pay early termination fee.

Rowan Clarke: So the TT system doesn't work then?
Rowan Clarke: I not paying a fee for a service that doesn't work. I'm my contract ut doesn't say the 2.4Ghz band will periodically drop and that's fine
Rowan Clarke: Oh and ur router will also restart

I understand what you are saying.


Please do contact our Technical Team tomorrow as you agree to give our Technical Team 28 days to resolve your issue if unable you have right to cancel free of charge.

Rowan Clarke: What happens tomorrow? Sorry I dont fully understand?

No need I have saved notes on the account.

Rowan Clarke: So the next step?

You agreed to give our Technical Team 28 days to resolve your issue if unable you have right to cancel free of charge.


I just want to make sure that whilst I have you online. Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

Rowan Clarke: From the first contact date yes. What do u records show that date as?
Gugulethu: I am unable to confirm this with you as Technical Team know when you opened complaint.
Rowan Clarke: You said earlier it was the 26/9/20
Rowan Clarke: Surely u have access to that information
Rowan Clarke: Hello?
Rowan Clarke: Are u still there?
Rowan Clarke: Hello

Rowan Clarke: Wow thanks for saying by or at least saying you were nearing the end of ur shift. Just ghosting someone isn't customer service. Thanks TT!

Rowan Clarke: Hello

Rowan Clarke

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So another few hours with online chat... and they disconnected before i did....


TalkTalk: You are now through to Thabo from Technical Support.
Thabo: Good afternoon Rowan , hope you're well. How may I assist you?


Rowan Clarke: Hi, on a previous chat I was told I need to be at home to continue testing. Please can we do that now?

Not a problem, I will proceed from where you left off. Could you please allow me a few moments so I can review your previous chat to get a better understanding of your query and proceed from there

Rowan Clarke: Sure thanks

Pleasure! Could you please provide me with the mobile number you have registered in your TalkTalk account.

Rowan Clarke: xxx

Thank you, I have successfully accessed your account. Upon checking on my end I have found that there is an open case on your account, I will now continue from where the previous agent left off.

Rowan Clarke: Ok

Are you currently connected to your TalkTalk Home internet (router) or are you using your own 4G data for this chat?

Rowan Clarke: Wifi but it should switch to mobile data so please do ur tests

Do you have a mobile number that we could use in case we need to update you of the status of your case? (Would you like me to use the one that you've just provided?)

Rowan Clarke: Yes that one

Okay, I’m just going to carry out some checks, please bear with me a moment.


Could you confirm which router you have please? (Please check the back of your router to find this information and reply back. As an example, it might say Huawei HG633.)

Rowan Clarke: Sagemcom
Rowan Clarke: Fast 5364-3.T8

Thank you. To confirm, this is related to your broadband correct?

Rowan Clarke: No my wifi connection please read the previous chat so I dont have to repeat myself for the 5th time. Thanks

I've started running a test on your line; this will complete a health check between your home and telephone exchange and can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Until the test has completed your phone line may be disconnected. If the test identifies a fault, we’ll escalate to an engineer for investigation.


Could you please choose the master socket that best depicts the one you have:













NTE5c mk4



Rowan Clarke: First one

Thank you, is your connection frequently disconnecting or just slow?

Rowan Clarke: Please read the previous chat, or the community post called....

My apologise, that may take time. Are you willing to wait?

Rowan Clarke: Yep

Okay, I will try not to be long.

Rowan Clarke: 2.4Ghz devices periodically dropping off the router
Rowan Clarke: That's the community chat ticket

Thanks for waiting this out. We have ran a broadband line test and that has identified no drops in your connection on the Openreach network. How are those devices connected to the router? (Wired/Wireless)

Rowan Clarke: All wifi

To confirm, is that both?

Rowan Clarke: Both what?

How are those devices connected to the router? (Wired/Wireless)

Rowan Clarke: All my devices are connected via wifi

Monitoring on the WiFi Hub has indicated there are issues affecting the WiFi performance and reliability in your home. We've seen these issues:

We can see issues with the WiFi due to obstructions affecting the WiFi signal strength
We recommend:

Move devices closer to the router or use wired connections if possible.

Make sure the router is free from any obstructions that could block the WiFi signal and faces into the home.

Check for any electrical devices close to the router that could be causing interference to the WiFi signal and move them or the router to reduce this.

Check whether the issue happens in a particular location in your home; it may be the material of your house or a particular room is blocking the WiFi signal, so look at alternatives (e.g. a Wired connection) for devices that are used in that location.


We can send you a link or an email which provides details on how to optimise your home setup to get the best performance from your WiFi. Would you like to receive the advice?

Rowan Clarke: Been though this at least 10 times please read previous chats and community post

My apologise, your line does not seems to reflect any disconnections. When your connection drops does the LED light in front of your router change?

Rowan Clarke: Havent monitored it as it takes a while for the fault to occur and have plenty of other things to do other than look at a Led 🙂
Thabo: Yes with reasoning that is a rather incoherent question however the detail does assist us in account to the results. Would you like me to send you the email?
Rowan Clarke: No, I know how to stare at a led
Rowan Clarke: The previous chat said I need to be at home to continue testing

No sorry, that is not what is on the email.

Rowan Clarke: Can we please do that so I'm not wasting more of my time on this continued problem that TT cant solve

My apologise, if you're confident that there is a fault and we cannot detect this from our end I could book you an engineer at a once-off charge of £40. If the engineer does attend and find a fault with the TalkTalk or Openreach-maintained equipment then the engineer cost will be credited back to you and the engineer will progress the fault to the most appropriate resolution.

Rowan Clarke: I'm not paying that, from the community group it looks like this is an issue for others also. I have suggested rolling back the firmware on the router or u supplying me another different version router to see if that helps.
Rowan Clarke: No one, as usual, answered my questions
Rowan Clarke: The previous chat said I need to be at home to continue testing
Rowan Clarke: Can we do that now
Rowan Clarke: Or ask a manager to call me

No sorry, the router's firmware cannot be rolled back for security reasons. The tests have already been initiated and a Radio Frequency Ingress was detected and we recommend that you follow the home guide offered.

Rowan Clarke: How does radio ingress stop the router from transmitting only the 2.4Ghz signal, while the 5Ghz signal remains?
Rowan Clarke: Can you please send me an alternative TT router to test

My apologise, the frequencies mentioned above are chosen by you device at random (usually by which one is more beneficial). My apologise if an engineer is sent and advises that a new router is required then they shall provide this however seeing that your current router is transmitting a connection.

Rowan Clarke: The current router is currently transmitting on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz but periodically the 2.4Ghz stops transmitting and then the router seems to restart its connection.

Thanks for raising that point, I have realised through the line's behavioural pattern that you have restarted, reset or powered down you router and I understand that sometimes it becomes tempting to restart your router if there is a query however router's are machines and when restart they tend to forget which channel was experiencing more traffic and the process of reviewing a suitable channel restarts and this slows the speed of data transmitted by your device leaving you to tempted to restart again.

Rowan Clarke: If u read the case history you would see that I have already been sent another router and the same fault occurs, this is leading me to believe it's a fault with this model router. Hence asking for a different version to try. It never happend with my single band Sky router
Rowan Clarke: I have never restarted the router! It restarts the connection on it's own. This is all in the ticket
Thabo: My apologise, that may be true however in accordance to the cases that we have received this is a probably the most rare one we have encountered as if it was a case of the model you wouldn't be able to connect as well or the fault may have aggravated further.
Rowan Clarke: It is true, could u please send me a different model to try
Rowan Clarke: Or can I please talk to a manager

I do apologise however if you would like a new router this may incur a charge.

Rowan Clarke: No it shouldn't, the last one didn't and since joining TT this issues has been on going with not a hint of resolve or compensation
Rowan Clarke: I have asked to talk to a manager please
Rowan Clarke: Can you ask some one to call me now

Not a problem, I can arrange for my manager to call you back within 2-3 working days however please note that your services seem to be fine and you have advised that you do not monitor your services so this may be a rather inaccurate investigation.

Rowan Clarke: I want a call back now please, they told me the other day they would call at 2pm and I missed their call at 7.45pm! Then I missed another call today.
Rowan Clarke: Yes the service or incoming line is fine its the router that's an issue or to be more precise the 2.4Ghz
Rowan Clarke: Please send me an alternative router to try
Thabo: My apologise, we're booked solid right now and we can only promise you a call within the period stipulated.
Rowan Clarke: Ridiculous! Please send me an alternative router.
Rowan Clarke: How does radio ingress stop the router from transmitting only the 2.4Ghz signal, while the 5Ghz signal remains?
Rowan Clarke: The previous chat said I need to be at home to continue testing, can we at least do that now?
Rowan Clarke: Why are all these questions remained unanswered?

My apologise, the tests results reflected the setup itself to be causing the fault as the RFI mentioned.

Rowan Clarke: How does radio ingress stop the router from transmitting only the 2.4Ghz signal, while the 5Ghz signal remains?
Rowan Clarke: Technical terms please
Rowan Clarke: I'm an engineer
Rowan Clarke: What exactly in the setup is causing issues?

Kindly note that the different frequencies have different functions (you might classify this).

5GHz frequency - This frequency encounters less interference from other devices, so it can handle much faster speeds, but your Wi-Fi coverage will probably not be as good. As the frequency is higher, it doesn’t penetrate solid objects nearly as well as the 2.4GHz frequency. 5GHz is the best frequency to use when you're close to your router.

- 2.4GHz frequency - This frequency can travel much further and penetrate solid objects more easily. However, traffic from other common household devices can limit your overall speed – microwaves, cordless phones, even your neighbour’s Wi-Fi. 2.4GHz is the best frequency to use if you're outside or in a different room to your router.

Rowan Clarke: Yep I'm more than aware of that
Rowan Clarke: How does radio ingress stop the router from transmitting only the 2.4Ghz signal, while the 5Ghz signal remains? 
Rowan Clarke: Any interference would only disrupt the 2.4Ghz and not cause the router to reboot surely
Rowan Clarke: Also interference would not stop any router from transmitting any signals, only interfere with them
Thabo: My apologise, to answer your question the frequency wavelength experiences a disturbance on its period.
Rowan Clarke: And causes ur router to restart?
Rowan Clarke: The previous chat said I need to be at home to continue testing, can we at least do that now?

My apologise, you have asked the question already? 3:49pm
My apologise, the tests results reflected the setup itself to be causing the fault as the RFI mentioned.
 The router was never designed to restart on its own and I see that you have received various replacements and this does not seem to be the issue.

Rowan Clarke: I have asked that question lots of time because I havent received an answer. You say the setup is causing the fault, but cant tell me how to fix the setup. The router does restart on it's own, indicating a fault. No I have received only one replacement of the same model and the same issue occurs. Hence me asking for another model to try. What else do u want me to try or shall I just go to another ISP?

Sorry, I did offer you an email however this seemed to have been refused in response to you being able to stare at your router. I understand you argument over the conclusion however if this is a serious on-going fault we will need to minimise all the possible factors.

Rowan Clarke: Send the email and send me an alternative router please
Rowan Clarke: Or should I change ISP?
Rowan Clarke: I'm serious it not a treating question, do u think u can resolve this issue for me?

My apologise, with all due respect that is your decision however we cannot send out a replacement router whilst the one you possess seems to be working.


In order to send you an email about Optimise WiFi Setup I will need your email address. Can you please provide this?

Rowan Clarke: With all due respects the current one isn't working its periodically dropping the 2.4Ghz band and then rebooting! Same as the other one. You can send out another router, because u have done previously, even though it was "working fine"! You have my email address it's on my account along with my number for a manager to call. I was told to contact you today to carry on home test, of which we havent done any. Thanks!
Rowan Clarke: The last 2.5hrs have been a complete waste of both of our time
Rowan Clarke: The only resolution u have given me today is to send me an email, which I havent recieved. Or to pay for an engineer visit or pay for a new router.
Rowan Clarke: This never happend with my old ISP
Rowan Clarke: Only since joining TT
Rowan Clarke: I have offered solutions or at least options to resolving this but TT have either not responded or declined
Rowan Clarke: It's a joke

Once you've made changes monitor the stability for up to 7 days. If you're still experiencing problems take a look at the Service Centre as it will update with the latest recommendations to improve your setup. You can access the Service Centre by browsing to and clicking 'Service Centre' or logging in to your TalkTalk MyAccount.

Rowan Clarke: Yep seen that massage before
Thabo: Would you like me to review anything else?
Rowan Clarke: What do u mean once I have made changes?
Rowan Clarke: Yes let's do the test which I need to be at home to do!
Rowan Clarke: That's the first question I asked 1 hour 40 mins ago!
Thabo: I do apologise, however the question/statement that you have repeatedly mentioned seems  as mockery. The changes that I was implying are the ones that are meant to be in accordance to the email that I have sent.
Rowan Clarke: Read the email, that I was sent the first time this fault occurred and it no help. The router stops transmitting the 2.4Ghz band and then restarts.
Rowan Clarke: The fact is that you colleague said in the previous chat that I needed to be home to continue testing. Can we please do that at least?

My apologise, we do the same tests and I have and was able to confirm that your services weren't disconnecting.

Rowan Clarke: The previous agent, done the same tests and then asked me to be at home and recontact u to continue. Read the previous chat message!
Rowan Clarke: Wanted me to look at my master socket and watch the light on the front of the router, or was that all BS to get me off the chat?

Sorry, we have no interest to deprive you of the service that you deserve. Have you had a glimpse to the email that I have sent as you have never mentioned that you have received this prior? Kindly note that we will only return to the same conclusion if the email isn't followed.

Rowan Clarke: I received that information when I first raised the ticket months ago, followed it and still the same issue. What are these tests I need to be at home to do? Why wont u answer this question?
Rowan Clarke: Just looking at ur website now, "More stability, Fewer dropouts when everyones online at home" what's fewer?
Rowan Clarke: "Award winning service"
Rowan Clarke: Any chance of an alternative router?
Thabo: Kindly note that I have answered all of your questions. The checks that I had sent to your email address are the ones related to the factors that might be resulting to a similar query.
Rowan Clarke: You havent answered all my questions
Rowan Clarke: Any chance of an alternative router?
Rowan Clarke: What are these tests I need to be at home to do? Why wont u answer this question?
Thabo: My apologise, I did answer that one as well. We cannot send you a router when we cannot detect any fault to the one you have currently. To confirm, have you reviewed the email that I have sent?
Rowan Clarke: How does radio ingress stop the router from transmitting only the 2.4Ghz signal, while the 5Ghz signal remains? Why does this cause the router to restart?
Rowan Clarke: Yes your generic email that I have already received months ago thanks
Rowan Clarke: Now can u please answer my questions? I dont mind if u cant or dont want to, just say
Rowan Clarke: Can u please confirm there will be no penalty for leaving TT early as you have not fulfilled your contract to me?
Thabo: The Radio Frequency Ingress  affects the router's frequency through the disturbance which is witnessed through the path in which the signal travels (the frequency mentioned has a greater wavelength hence less signal when interrupted.).
Rowan Clarke: How does this cause the TT router to restart!
Rowan Clarke: Can u please confirm there will be no penalty for leaving TT early as you have not fulfilled your contract to me?

As you are within your contract period you will most likely be liable for a termination fee if you were to cancel.Rowan Clarke: Can u please check as a previous agent said i was free to leave as this case was ongoing for months
Rowan Clarke: Oh and why does radio interference cause ur router to restart?
My apologise, I did answer that. Our routers are never said to restart themselves. Would you happen to have a copy of the conversation of the agent advising you of free cancellation?

Rowan Clarke: No but u should have. And the routers do restart the connection and can be seen in the ticket on the community
Thabo: Okay, that is understandable however kindly advise me as to how you are able to witness that your router is restarting when you do not pay attention to the LED lights as you advised above?
Rowan Clarke: You havent fulfilled you part of the deal please let me leave. This has been going on for months. This chat is going round in circles. No one is answering my community posts and you dont have any answers for me that havent already been read off the script. Your managers call back hours after they said they would and both routers dont work. What more can I say
Rowan Clarke: Wow I will do that next time it happens if I'm at the property. Let me leave this company free of charge for poor service, please. This was once confirmed by a previous agent as acceptable

My apologise, I don't understand as you have mentioned it restart and this cannot be known unless you have observed the indicators in front of the router. Would you happen to recall when the agent advised you of a free out in your contract?

Rowan Clarke: Might of been Promise Check ur records!

My apologise 'might' ?

Rowan Clarke: Apology excepted. I have had so many chats I dont keep a record of everyones names. I will do from now on.

Not a problem, please do as you did to this one.

Thabo: Would you like me to review anything else?



At this point the chat got disconnected some how.....


Rowan Clarke

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I haven't monitored the light on the front of the unit, the reason being is that the time period between loosing the 2.4Ghz band and "restart" seems to vary.

All i know is that the 2.4Ghz is lost, and a while later the 5Ghz is lost and then a minute later its all working again.

When i log into the router the Connection time has been restarted.

To me this looks like a reboot but the logs show nothing - this definitely needs to be improved on these routers.

Many thanks,


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Rowan Clarke

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Hi Rowan,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems again. I can confirm that your router has the latest firmware


When you say that router restarted, did it go off completely? Did the light change on the router?


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Issue just happened again 😞

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Rowan Clarke

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Yeah i know, i was just coping you in in case you had any more advice for me.

Why is this a persistent issue with TT, judging by other posts?

Or is this an issue with other ISPs?

And other routers? 

Rowan Clarke

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Hi @Rowan_clarke 


I am only a TalkTalk customer & therefore cannot send you another router.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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