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Adding as econd router to my wifi

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Dues to signl strength Ive a dded a second router to my wifi setup. I have changed the wireless mode , channel. security mode,and password to match the TT router. I have assigned a fixed IP address to differentiate form the TT Router. My computer and phones connect OK but other items such as TV games consoles Hive ect are having problems. If you reset the smart TV a couple of times it seems to work, but the next day its dropped off again Im not technical so looking for an easy solution even if it requires buying new kit. It seems there are issues with NAT DHCP and MHZ settings/allocating IP addresses.


Whizz Kid
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@RJpad You have a few options depending on what you want to achieve.


 I dont think the 2nd router in  its current configuration is helpful. 


Do you want to have the same WIFI SSID through the home ? In which case a Mesh System (whole home) or Wifi extender (targeting one area) is what you need.



If all you need is a WIFI signal for static devices such as TV  and games console,  an access point may be enough. 


You Asus is capable of being turned into an Access Point. 


Extenders and Mesh Systems too many to choose from.  


Example of an Extender 



Example of mesh type system 





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If you are not using port forwarding, you do not need DDNS.

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sorry missed the last part of your answer.

ve used extenders in the past but if you have different witing within the propwerrty due to extensions they have weakened the signal. A mesh sound a much better and simoler option any recomendations to work with the TT router ?


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1) it is a net gear ASUS-DSL-AC52U dual band

2) do you mean this web access mode currently ticked no



Enable Web Access from WANPort of Web Access from WANAuto LogoutEnable WAN down browser redirect noticeAllow only specified IP address

Yes No
min ( Disable : 0 )
Yes No
Yes No

Whizz Kid
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Just to make sure I understand..


1. What make/model is the 2nd router?


2. Does your 2nd Wifi Router have an Access Point mode? If so, this is what needed. 


With  two wifi routers best setup with different SSID. 


If  you want the same wifi SSID across you Wifi system( same wifi names), you would need to get a Wifi extender or a WIFI Mesh system. 





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Your setup is more complicated than mine and in all honesty above my level of knowledge, DDNS and all that !


Hopefully one of the Community Stars, @KeithFrench can take a look at this topic and offer his sage advice.


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martswain thnaks


Ive now disabled DHCP on the seond router but it has lost wifi connection and showing DDNS do i need to enable this

DNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) is a service that allows network clients to connect to the wireless router, even with a dynamic public IP address, through its registered domain name. The wireless router is embedded with the ASUS DDNS service and other DDNS services.


The wireless router currently uses a private WAN IP address (192.168.x.x, 10,x,x,x, or 172.16.x.x).

This router may be in the multiple-NAT environment and DDNS service cannot work in this environment.

Enable the DDNS Client?

Yes No

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Have you disabled DHCP on the second router ?


It's effectively only acting as as access point, IP addresses can only be allocated by one device, your TT router.


For the access point, use different SSIDs and WiFi channels from the TT router to prevent interference.


For devices in fixed locations such as TV, Hive and consoles you'll then be able to connect to the best signal in that area.


@KeithFrench , did I miss anything ?