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Advice on new router / WiFi Extender ?

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Hi, I have a Sagemcom router (with the Fibre 65 package). In our living room I am seeing a WiFi signal strength of only -80dBm. I can't move the router so I'm wondering whether to add a WiFi Extender or to replace the router with a 3rd party unit such as an Asus or TpLink. The house isn't really big enough for a mesh system. Can anyone offer any advice or experience please?


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Thank you both for your suggestions - very helpful. I think I will try a TP-Link AV600 Powerline Adapter Wi-Fi Kit.  

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If the low signal strength is on the 5 GHz band try moving to 2.4 GHz as that has better penetration through solid surfaces.


You could also try changing the physical orientation of the router to see if that improves things.


The best solution to extend the WiFi signal into the problem area is by adding a separate access point and connecting that to the router either over powerline adapters or directly with a LAN cable.


I have an old HG633 that I use as an access point, it just requires a few settings to be changed.


WiFi repeaters are not a great solution.


All WiFi devices in the UK have the same allowed maximum power outputs but other routers may have different antenna configurations that could improve coverage.


Using a third party router will mean setting that up for Fibre 65 and if you do have problems, TT will not be able to remotely interrogate it to see any possible issues.


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Couple of ideas.  Split the wifi channels as per instruction by Keith French in this help area. Always at top of list.  Keep router away from any wifi phones plus moving the router to face another direction may help signal.  Try to use (but this depends on your area), to use chan 6 or 11 for 2.5Mhz wifi channel or chan 32 for 5.xMhz.  This way i get a good signal. Keep router if possible as high up in room as possible.  Try ethernet extender plugs.  Otherwise if you want to try anther modem/router my son swears by the Asus series of routers.  Just a few ideas to try.