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Alternatives to talktalk routers?

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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of good alternative modem routers to the ones supplied by talktalk, I was using a tp-link ac2800 moden router as wasn't getting the best performance out of the wifi-hub but has broken and have had to go back to the wifi-hub and my WiFi performance isn't as good and weirdly getting a lower sync speed with it too, so looking at alternative modem routers, i have fibre 65?


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Hi zebie


Ok no problem. Please let us know how you get on.






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@ferguson is correct you will get a range of suggestions from people based on their own experience, environment, and bias.  Of course your environment and requirements may well be different to theirs so what is an excellent solution for them may not be as suitable for you.  Therefore you need to be clear what you want and look at your environment, eg factors such as: size of house; thickness of walls; presence of RSJs; WiFi interference from neighbours; etc, and tailor your solution around it, and of course your budget.

If your main aim is to achieve good WiFi experience in every corner of your home you may wish to consider a Mesh system or PLAs with WiFi capabilities.

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@Chris-TalkTalk  actually hold off on sending a test router as I'm going to wait to see what happens over the weekend 

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check this one out as well ZYXEL modem/router version XMG3927-B50A. I`ve been using it for about 6 months now, its been a good buy

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Ya if its a newer router that might fix the issues, thx

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Hi zebie,


We can arrange to send the other router to test with, would you like us to arrange this?


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What there is a newer version, didn't know that, might be worth trying if it would improve the two issues I have, thanks

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There is another Hub you can try if you're interested, I am sure the support team will oblige with one for testing if you would like them to. 

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i have the wi-fi hub (FAST5364 3.00), but for some reason i dont get as good wifi signal using it and the download sync speed is also 8 mbps lower than my broken tp-link router which i thought was weird. i know about trying different wifi channels etc, but signal seems weaker and slower than other router

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Thanks I'll look into that one

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There are lots of discussions around this already. You will probably get a few responses praising the merits of various individual personal choices. Any Openreach compatible device will do the job.


Before spending any money though, which Hub are you using? There are some tips you can look at to improve wireless performance. 

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My son uses a  Asus DSL-AC68U


Works perfect


Just make sure you buy a Modem/router.


Otherwise the latest modem/routers supplied by TalkTalk do a great job.

You will not get support on your own supplied modem / router