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Am i going to lose my internet??

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I received a phone call from TalkTalk today to tell me that unless I upgrade from my current Fibre 35 service, to one of your more expensive full fibre to home packages, I will lose my internet connection within 2 months. This is apparently due to Openreach switching off the old copper network. 


I understood Openreach were not beginning the switch off until 2026. I'm only 6 months into an 18 month Fibre 35 contract, and you're still selling Fibre 35 in my postcode area. So why am I getting cut off in 2 months if I don't upgrade?


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Hi CathDobson


You wont be cut off 


But It is a fact that Openreach are moving to wards making exchanges FTTP only, and are no longer selling  the copper based supply However Any existing TalkTalk customers in a "stop sell area" can remain on their current package. 


We will continue to support your service for issues such as faults and adding and removing select services and phone boosts.


Sorry for any confusion caused. 


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Thanks for taking the time to post such a helpful reply. I really appreciate it. 


Wise Owl
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Sounds like a scam...Ignore it i'm like 99.999999% sure OR are not going to switch off the old copper network any time soon because that would leave everyone with FTTC with no internet. ADSL, Fibre 35, Fibre 65 and some 150 services (or theiir counterparts with other ISPs) use the copper.


The 2026 date is when BT phase out copper. As in understand it they're not cutting it off they just won't let you buy a copper line connection if there is a full fibre option available.


I might not be 100% on the detail here but like I said whoever called you is being less that forthright with the truth so if it really is TT then that's way beyond a marketing scheme. You have a contract that if TT (or any oher ISP) change the terms of you have a right to walk away from without penalty.