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Amazon eero router included - Is this free to keep after plans expires ?

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Hey is the eero pro router ours to keep after the contract is over? Just want to make sure before I sell my own router.


Thank u


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Well done @Gondola I rocked myself to sleep reading terms and conditions and the sales page was down for me

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Hi judgeyuk 


Just a thought about "keeping" the eero 6 (or eero Pro 6) supplied by TalkTalk. The small print on the sales page says "Amazon eero 6 router: One eero included with your package, though supplementary eeros can be purchased by contacting TalkTalk. The eero device is restricted use and can only be used on the TalkTalk broadband network and with TalkTalk eero enabled packages...otherwise they may be deactivated."


So this does suggest that if you change or switch your "eero enabled package" for another TalkTalk package or switch to another provider then TalkTalk reserve the right to deactivate the use of the TalkTalk 'free-issue' eero 6.  


I'd say this is part of the customer retention strategy not to mention the cost of the eero 6 that TalkTalk wouldn't want to see being taken to another provider at the end of the initial TalkTalk contract.


So, maybe keep your existing router if you prefer to use it, when permitted, in place of another provider's free-issue kit

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Hi @judgeyuk great question I cannot find an answer in the terms and conditions which means nothing. Your question has been escalated and you should hear shortly.


You may wish to check out the future fibre  community  as well?

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.