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Amber flashing light - no connection

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Ongoing case - REP-9732435

My Internet connection was suddenly lost on Wednesday night and I haven’t been able to connect since. There is an amber flashing light on the router. 
I have phoned multiple times and initially, one of you said there was no fault on the line before I got cut off. Then another of you said there WAS a fault on the line and you’d send an engineer, wait for a phone call etc. The online check has said there is a fault on the line before but comes up clear when I check now, however I still have no Internet. 

I have received emails saying ‘we’ve ran a test and there is no fault on the line’ AND ‘our engineers have resolved your issue’ but actually nothing has been done. Onto day two of not being able to work from home and, more frustratingly, I’m completely in the dark as to whether to wait for an engineer, or if TalkTalk are under the assumption that my situation is resolved.

Nothing has changed in terms of setup at home, so there’s nothing wrong there. Cannot check dial tone as we haven’t got a handset unfortunately. 

Please help!



Support Team
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