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Another complaint, I'm disgusted

Team Player
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Hi, so after a one hour phone call from Talk Talk to reach absolutely no where! Here I am, last ditch.

So, my contract states I have a homeowner setup fee discount, due to moving address and staying with talk talk, but keeping number. Now, my bill is £102. Wanting me to pay £60 setup fee, WHAT THE F*@#.

I want this fixed, immediately, my bill is due in a few days and after faults with my connection for almost a month, you want me to pay my initial contract, and setup fee? Even though my Internet has hardly been usable? I'm *@#][!![]'#[@#]!*, disgusted and flat out outraged. 


Support Team
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Hi Rebecca_H


Sorry that you are unhappy.  


The setup fee is usually automatically waived by a welcome credit, Sorry that this wasn't applied.  I can see that a credit has since been raised to clear the charge . 


Sorry for any inconvenience  caused.