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Appalling phone charges after no service for a month?

First Timer
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I moved home and talk talk were due to officially set up my new wifi on the  22nd of March. Someone from open reach came out to set it up and said there was a problem with the pole and it could not be fixed today, and that she would come back tomorrow. 
she obviously didn’t and a new appointment was booked which I waited two weeks for. I got the confirmation text whilst I was at home but no one ever came round. All whilst this was going on I was filing an official complaint due to constantly being told different information from various customer service reps trying to fix the problem. (Mainly that I needed an engineer to come after 4 because I work and some sort of compensation for lack of connection as I am also a full time student so it cost me a fortune. I had reps say they couldn’t contact open reach themselves, I was hung up on multiple times, I was told someone COULD call open reach, just different information every single time, and always being placed on hold for ages) 

I didn’t HAVE a working landline at this point. No connection, nothing. It said it was connected but there was a fault that open reach were still due to fix. Customer service were useless. 

after nearly a month of no service, long wait times, constantly being placed on hold, being cut off after waiting ages to be connected, passed around to various different departments, I demanded to leave the contract. they agreed and I was transferred over to a ‘cancellations’ team, who said they would do a 48 hour cancellation, were really sorry, and had no idea what was even going on with my account. No terms or conditions read out, just like that it was done, relief. 

I ring back two weeks later because my account is still active? I complain, again. I’m transferred, again, to a new department. I can’t remember the name, but it wasn’t called cancellations. Here, a man read through all the terms and conditions

(including the one stating return the equipment, or be charged £50, which I had already thrown away due to being told NO terms or conditions before on the ‘48 hour’ cancellation. So who was the woman I spoke to before???) 


to be honest, so much has happened that whenever I ring up I find it impossible to tell the customer service reps what has even happened because there’s so much that has gone wrong and it’s actually caused me a lot of stress, mental health worries and unhappiness.

but the main problem here is that I now have a £40 charge on my mobile bill for trying to constantly call customer service!!
I’m at a total loss at how awful this company have been, but this is the final straw. 
how do I resolve this before going to the telecom ombudsman, I am not ringing them anymore, they are utterly useless anyway and it’s a fortune. 
I was also told for every day of no service I would be compensated £5 ? 
funnily enough...
BT set me up within a week. Perfect. 



Lily hennell

Support Team
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Hi Lilyamelia


I'm sorry to read of the issues that you have had.  


Your account is due to cancel on the 22nd April, Would you like me to escalate this to our complaints team, so a manager can call you to discuss this further ? 


Let me know.


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There is not currently any compensation for delayed installations due to the Covid pandemic and associated issues, OFCOM have agreed to this.


Openreach do not provide short time slots, you need to make yourself available according to their schedule.


The return of equipment charge is valid, the Terms and Conditions are available on the website and at the bottom of this page.


Why anyone in their right mind would decide to bin a router that would cost over £100 to buy is beyond me !


There is no ombudsman that will take up your complaint and the resolution service that TT subscribe to will only consider a complaint after you have exhausted TT's own complaint procedure, again, take a look at the bottom of the page.


You may get some compensation as a gesture of goodwill and/or the equipment fee waived, but you will have to contact TT to do so.