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Automatic upgrade to Fibre without my consent.

B Stanton
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I woke this morning with an email from Talk Talk telling me that my upgrade to Fibre 35 is on its way and will go live next week. I checked my online account and it said the same thing. But I didn't request this. Obviously if its a free upgrade then I won't complain, but will it extend my contract end date and will it cost extra? And more importantly, why did this happen if I didn't request it!  I have been a TalkTalk customer for 6 months now, and everything has smoothly, and then suddenly I get this out the blue. Can someone explain?


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@Anthony_Green , TalkTalk have recently been upgrading customers to Fibre (FTTC) services where available in their quest to get everyone off ADSL before the technology becomes obsolete. There shouldn't be any increase to your monthly cost (that's why they call it a "free" upgrade) or your contract length, but if you require any further help you should start your own thread.

First Timer
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Same thing happened to me.  I received a SMS from OpenReach saying they were upgrading my service on behalf of TalkTalk.
I logged into my account to see an order had been placed for Fibre 35. 
I called Talk Talk customer service and they confirmed they'd placed the order without seeking my permission first.
The upgrade is apparently free, but it was unclear from that conversation whether there would be increases to my monthly rental charges as a result of them ordering the upgrade.


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@Pookiecat As you have observed yourself this is an old and defunct thread. I suspect you were on a discounted deal which has since expired. Whatever, if you start your own topic the support team will gladly advise further. 


First Timer
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Good evening. I know this was about a year ago when the thread was started but I have had this happen to me. 
although it wasn’t at no additional cost. I have had my bill increase by £8 per month. I didn’t ask for this upgrade and definitely didn’t want my bill to increase. 
I spoke to talk talk on the phone after explaining I had emails and a text stating at no additional cost and it’s been misleading. Then went on to say my contract had come to an end and the package I was originally on doesn’t exist anymore. I didn’t get notified for any of this so how could I act and find a deal that works for me. Poor service and switching providers.  


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Hi B Stanton


I have since been informed that we are actually upgrading fast broadband customers to Fibre 35 (where available) for free with no contract change. 


Sorry for any confusion. 


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I already spoke to a TalkTalk Customer service representative and been through it all. I have no idea how the upgrade request happened because it definitely wasn't from me. In the end, I am proceeding with the upgrading free of charge and just need to make sure that my contract end date doesn't change.


I hope things like this don't happen again in the future because it has been very frustrating. 




Support Team
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Hi @B Stanton


I have checked and there is no charge for the fibre upgrade, The order looks to have been placed Via My Account, does anyone else have access to your My Account?  


Do you want me to cancel the order, if so I have sent you a PM to confirm security.