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Awful Fibre Connection.

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So I am currently on a fibre 65 package where I should see a guaranteed minimum download speed of 61 megabytes per second. But it should be around 65-70. I'm currently seeing 5/6 megabytes per second and I can barely load web pages or do anything and nothing is being done to get it fixed.


I have spent many hours in live chat where I'm told they have found a fault and they are fixing it and it should be fixed. I even get text saying the fault has now been fixed, It is not fixed. As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating, especially as I've been paying for a service that I'm not getting at all.


I either need an engineer to be sent out, new router or to cancel my contract free of charge. Regardless of this 30 rubbish, i have been paying for a service that i am not receiving for a month. I will attach images of my plan as well as what my account says.


Who ever i speak to either on the phone or live chat just tell me to wait two days to 'see if there is improvement'. I have spent a month waiting for improvments now and who ever i speak to say the same automated reel of fixing steps and assure me that when i contact them back again they will fix it. It is getting a ridiculous i can't use my internet. It is like they don't know what the problem is and par me off.


I have just spent over hour on the phone talking to the 'technical team' where they came out with the 'wait two days for improvment again'.


I have done multiple thing to try to combat this, unplugged router for 30mins, I have had intrusive line tests done as well as tests just using the test socket. This has all happened since I have moved house, it is like I am being throttled or something is wrong my main socket.


Please find attached evidence. Pictures are in the word document that show how poor my connection is.


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I'm really glad to hear that the fault has been located and resolved and thanks for keeping us updated 🙂 I'm just sending you a short survey via PM now.




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Hello Debbie the engineer has just left, took him 3/4 hours to find the fault but it was on of the exchanges so he switched us onto a different wire or something, now seeing 70mbps so great news. Thanks for helpling me get it sorted and booking an engineer.


Have a good day and thanks for the help again :).

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Hi Kaitlincaketin


You're welcome 🙂


Apologies again for the issues you have experienced reporting this fault.




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Thank you for you help Debbie i appreciate it you've managed to help me a lot more than live chat or telephone calls in quarter the amount of time, i will let you know if the engineer visit helps at all, thanks again.

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Hi Kaitlincaketin


Thanks for your reply.


I have arranged the engineer visit for tomorrow 29/06 AM (8am - 1pm)


Please let us know how you get on following this visit.





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Will i recieve some sort of email booking time and date for the engineer visit? Thanks,

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Okay, i am free this week so tomorrow would work well

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Hi Kaitlincaketin


I can check once I receive your availability, there may be appointments from tomorrow.


Please can you also confirm potential engineer charges. Engineer charges - TalkTalk Help & Support


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Roughly what day/date would an engineer be available to visit?


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Hi Kaitlincaketin


Would you like me to send a router first before arranging an engineer visit?


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I haven't tested with a different router, i don't have one to hand.


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Hi Kaitlincaketin


Thanks for confirming your details.


I've checked and the predicted speed range for your line is showing between 73.6 and 68.1mb, with a guaranteed minimum speed of 61.6mb.


Your line is currently in sync at 6.1mb. Have you tested with a different router at the test socket?


The next step will be an Openreach engineer visit.




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Hi Kaitlincaketin


Thank you. I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so I can check/confirm your predicted speed range and sync speed.


Thanks again.


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Support Team
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Hi Kaitlincaketin


I'm sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then take a look at this for you.