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Billing Issuse

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Hi, I was speaking with an agent this morning. My bill this month has increased despite it staying contract end date July 2022 - they told me I should have received an email - I didn't. I had mention that if I were to join talk talk as a new customer it would be cheaper than what I was currently paying. The live chat is now not available - I cant find any other contact options. I hadnt received a reply to the live chat in a while - when I returned to my computer the chat was ended. 

Please see below chat - they said they could help. Can someone please contact me regarding this? 


Ok - so can my original contract be honoured then?

If not - do I have to cancel the contract

and then rejoin?


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We are not able to revert the contract back now and I do understand that it can be frustrating , However I would like to offer you a better deal in which will assist you . I would advise that you go for a Fixed Price Plus package in which Guarantees that You will never have to face another price increase during the duration of your contract and even after your contract has ended.

I just want to check if everything is okay as I haven't received a response from my last post to you?


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@martswain Sadly, Live chat are not currently handling renewal requests. 


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Live Chat is working fine, however some browsers seem to be blocking the CHAT NOW button as they think it's a advert or banner, check your extensions and security software.


Chat works fine from this link.


Notification emails about the price rise were sent around your billing date a month before the price rise, however it came from an unusual address so if it went to spam it may have been automatically deleted after 30 days.


A staff member can check when and where it was sent if you ask them.




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Hi carolinequinn,


As ferguson has said, you could try speaking to our loyalty team, they may be able to help



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TalkTalk have recently increased their prices and you should have been notified with the option to leave within 30 days if you were unhappy.


Your best bet is to contact the customer loyalty directly by calling 0345 172 5157. Explain that you don't seem to have received the notification and see if they are prepared to offer you a new and improved deal.