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Broadband / Phone Issues (Again)!

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Now this just getting silly! I'm losing the will to live with this now! I have had issues since upgrading to faster fibre a year ago.... yes May 2018!


I had an issue about 3 weeks ago, BT came out and identified an issue with the line, I was getting noise on the line when on the phone, also causing slow broadband (obviously!).


Once again, my broadband has dropped to 8mbps download! I was getting about 18mbps, then my girlfriend called me on my landline, I noticed a lot of noise on the line, and as I was talking the activity light went to disconnect on my router then started flashing, eventually going solid again but with 8mbps speed!


I have a phone line into the house, the point is at the window where the cable comes in, I have no extensions plugged in or anything! I have been sent various different routers too!


So frustrating! JW 


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OK thanks, setup password and replied.