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Broadband Problems

First Timer
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For the last 4 weeks I have experienced an unreliable and unacceptable broardband service from TalkTalk. After long discussion and numerous test, Talktalk determined that my router was faulty and send me a replacement, which I connected on Friday at 5 pm and which provided a satisfactory internet connection for 17 hours. The service then started to deteriorate, with it failing frequently to connect, frequent dropouts, slow speeds (Download 8.8 mbs, upload 1.7 Mbs), failing to find servers, and IP address conflicts, poor network quality in Microsoft Teams, until it is now unusable on wireless connections and nearly so on the one wired device. Can you please arrange for somebody with technical know-how to get in touch with me directly by telephone as my emails are not a reliable means of communication because of my unreliable broadband. I confirm that my profile is up to date.


Support Team
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Hi John,


I'm sorry for the delay. I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault, however I can see some re-connections on the line. Does your master socket have a test socket? Is your voice service ok with no noise on the line?





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Forum staff do not offer customer callbacks.


All replies will be on this topic when they reach your topic.


You can report the fault by phone on 0345 172 0046 from 0900 Monday.


Forum staff will also be back from Monday and work from oldest post first, so just wait for a reply which could take a day or so depending on the weekend backlog.