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Broadband speed on laptop

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My download speed on broadband fast fibre is less than half what it should be on my laptop.  I'm connected to the router using a wireless aa/n/mac card on the 5mhz band. The laptop is 3metres from the router with no obstructions- it was fine a couple of months ago returning download of 136mbps now it's barely faster than uploaded,  a steady 29.1mbps. I've changed channels, updated drivers and reconnected to no avail, and the installation is exactly what it was when first set up. Speed on phone is normal- 136-140up 29.9 down. Any ideas?


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Hi Nickjg999


Please can you add your name and TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.






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Are you sure it is still connected to the 5GHz band, It may have gone to the 2.4GHz band? Have you checked My Devices in the hub (assuming that is the router that you have) - if it is, is this the Sagemcom or the Huawei? 


Have you logged into the router & checked that the speed coming in from the fibre is correct, again if you have one of the WiFi Hubs, this is shown in the initial dashboard area?

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