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Broadband speed

Jon Mac
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I'm a bit confused about the speed tests on my Fibre 35, the test on the TalkTalk 'Service Status', reports 37 Mbs Down, where all the other test sites show between 15 and 19 down. I'm 100 Mtrs from the cabinet.

This seems like a strange anomally, which one is correct ?


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Thanks Karl.


Cheers, Jon.



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glad to hear the speeds have improved.





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I did a wired speed test on the PC Matic tester this morning, and it was up to 37 Mbs, which I'm very happy with.


Thanks for your help Debbie, I always find the people on this forum to be wonderfully helpful, you do a great job, I think I was chasing an imaginary problem.

Jon Mac
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It was an automatic upgrade to Fibre 35, and, as I am the only user, it's more than fast enough for me, although the upload speed increase helps a lot for uploading videos.


Thanks All for your helpful comments.


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Hi Jon Mac


I've checked the connection stats and your line is in sync at 40mb.


Please can you power down your router for a full 30 minutes and then run another speed test?






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So, your router is connecting at the maximum 40/10 on Fibre35.

Speed tests run on different test sites will often vary slightly but I wouldn't expect the difference you seem to be seeing. It would be better if you were able to do a wired speed test to rule out any WiFi issues.

Are you sure the device you are testing with is not running anything else in the background? I have found that if my PCs CPU is "maxed out" running other tasks that will affect the speed test result.

Also make sure no other devices are using the internet connection at the same time, as that will obviously affect the result.


On another point, and maybe this is just my personal opinion, but living that close to a cabinet you should be able to get a much faster connection on Fibre65. Seems like a bit of a waste only having Fibre35.



Jon Mac
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I checked the sync speed on my Router and it reports a healthy 40 Mbs, so I may be chasing a problem that doesn't exist.



Jon Mac
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I'm testing using the Service status speed test. if try using a wired connection, it tells me to re-connect using wireless before it allows the test to go ahead. If I use any other speed test service, the result is always below 20MBs.

speed test.jpg


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Hi @Jon Mac,


When you say the test on 'Service Status' what exactly do you mean, are you running a speed test from or are you just looking at the 'Measured Speed' value reported on Service Status ?


When you are running a speed test are you doing it on a wired or wireless device ?


You could log into your router to check your sync speed, if you were to have a device connected wired then you would expect your speed test results to be fairly close to the sync speed. For example I'm also on Fibre 35, my sync speed is reported at 40mbps, and my speed tests on a wired device are around 37.5mbps.