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Bye bye TalkTalk

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I joined TalkTalk about 15 years ago when it was called Tiscali. I have just terminated TalkTalk today and here’s why.


I paid extra for 80mps fibre to cabinet broadband. I almost never had more than 50 and it’s usually at 25. No matter how much TT waffle on about their routers, and supposed ‘fibre broadband’, there is a choke point at any address which has a copper cable. I noticed that my speed was always low until I phoned, then it would increase for a few days and gradually drop again. This went on for years. They told me there was no chance of fibre to my property, so the copper cable remained. Every time I phoned, their foreign call centre tried to get me to sign up for a new contract, haggled on prices, offered faster service and generally it felt like haggling at a far-east marketplace. Awful. 

I now have fibre to house broadband fitted yesterday and am receiving 600mps all the time. And it’s costing me £20 a month, not TT’s ‘discounted’ rate of £27 for under 30mps usually.


Annoyingly, they have been charging a friend of mine £48 a month for the same poor connection and speed but, because she’s never phoned and haggled with them ever, she’s just been paying it. Needless to say, she’s now leaving.


When I tried to cancel this morning, the overseas call centre person told me I would need to send a letter FROM A SOLICITOR as I have a”contract”. Then she suggested I just stay and the usual rigmarole about line checks and finding ‘faults’ (the biggest being 100 feet of copper cable). Then, despite my being polite, she said she was “trying to have a polite conversation”, implying that I wasn’t being polite. After  great deal of obfuscation from her, I said I wanted to cancel and that I didn’t want to discuss line checks and faults repairs and that, if she continued to do so, I would end the call. She immediately responded with words about line checks, so I ended the call. On my second attempt, I received the exact same responses and it’s obvious that staff are instructed to stop people cancelling wherever possible. Finally I got it cancelled with 30 days notice. After a great deal of prevarication, they have supposedly waived the £25 early cancellation fee after I threatened to phone Ofcom about receiving 20-50mps for the previous month on a service that I pad for which was supposedly 80mps. I then received an email confirming the cancellation and saying the fee is payable.


I am so, so relieved and happy to ditch TalkTalk from my life. I’m disgusted at what they’ve charged my girlfriend and am sick of all the haggling, poor service, lousy connection speeds and corporate garbage about how great they are whilst still using a copper cable at my house. So, after 15 years or more it’s….BYE BYE!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀


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Sure is and it certainly ranted enough to get you to ponce off displaying your bias and knowledge…there’s one on every forum and it looks like it you this time. Well done…nice, clever response with just the right amount of disparagement. Another reason to leave a poor ISP if they allow sarcy twits like you on their forum! 😀😀😀😀

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Nice rant, however your understanding of a FTTC service which can provide up to 80 Mbps is obviously severely lacking.


Also, OFCOM do not take individual complaints, so glad you did not waste your time calling them.


If you had speeds below your MGALS then as long as you had advised TT and they were not able to fix the issue within 30 days you could have left without penalty.


As for your girlfriend, if she happy to sit on what is effectively the out of contract rate, suggest you get her to check her other utilities and see how many years she has been overpaying on those.