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CLASSIC ! Connected but no connectivity to Internet - nothing new! OPT-out opt-in etc.

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Why was this post marked as SPAM by your automated server scripts?



Since moving with TalkTalk [should change their name with NoComNoCom] I have been having this problem mainly with 'computers only'!

I 'never - EVER' had a 'Wi-Fi' disconnection or no connectivity with previous supplier (as far as I remember) and my going away was for other 'Private' reasons - they have learned a lesson!
My main worry when I moved to TT was the 'quality' of service.

Mainly devices tend to connect to Wi-Fi on 2.4Ghz - which is fine but ... with this Modem [latest one - I believe it is already 3-4 years old!] you 'cannot' set your own channels, as the 'supposed to be' connectivity sensor - which is 'supposed' to learn... to avoid 'overlapping on neighbour channels etc. it does not work at all. Not only that but makes things worse!

It keeps reverting to CH 1 even thou I mainly have CH 8 to11 almost always free.
It keeps reverting on CH 1 by itself, where not only are other 2 neighbours, but we also have BT Wi-Fi mast on the nearby hill 'disturbing' too - being the largest signal ALWAYS, guess where mainly? On CH 1!

Maybe I should contact Offcom, although they just exist and usually do nothing!

It is time TT starts to listen and act as this problem has been going on for years - check TT forums and external forums too.

So, what do we do?

Can TT speak with Sagem [French Company] and have them:

1. re-design the whole GUY of Firmware which is UN-logic
2. Set ONE ADVANCED USER page only where users can tweak system properly and STAYS that way - with also Backup of the system BEFORE one tweaks it - obviously
3. The channels doing what they like with a script supposed to help, but only causing problems MUST be either deleted or simply user MUST be able to switch it OFF
4. The OPT-out from you 'supposed to be friendly' web error page is another ridiculous thing
It must be OPT-in and not opt-out and one has to even switch Router for 30 minutes to be able to become a 'almost normal' router - also the error page in my view 'might' breach GDPR !

It does not really make us feel free at all this situation!

At least have them unlock the AUTO channel switching - it does not make sense to have the possibility to change channel manually and then Sagem modem script does auto change it to the worst channel !

Do something about it ASAP, as if I am forced to buy a different modem I will make TT not only pay for the modem, I will also send you an invoice for wasted time + time used to uninstall and install new Router = time spent to reconnect all devices!

It is absolutely ridiculous in year 2020 almost 2021, it feels to be in late 90s - which was understandable at the time !

These Sagem - TalkTalk modem routers are also 'old'

Yes, I know you are sorry, but being sorry does not solve the problems.


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Hi TorqueTorque,


Wifi Optimisation is definitely switched off, have tried the factory reset as ferguson suggested?


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The Hub you have is decent, save for the WiFi optimisation which is a pain and often seems to cause problems. Try the pinhole reset, you have nothing to lose. And it will certainly be quicker than waiting for a replacement. 

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Thanks, do you mean ... better change router?
Is there a 'decent' one that can be setup for TalkTalk and work fine?
I am asking this to avoid wasting loads of time trying to find one that works - I do not even like TT router GUI - the downloaded one as router is an empty shell really!

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Might be worth trying a pinhole reset on the router.


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Hello OCE_Karl and Happy New Year 2021

No, it is not - unfortunately - 04 January 2021

Still reverting to CH1 where there are ALL other on CH1 - including over-powered BT Wi-Fi.

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Hi TorqueTorque


Optimisation is turned off on your router.





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WiFi optimisation is a service provided for TalkTalk at network level by ASSIA. it runs on the Sagemcom model Hubs only and is enabled by default, it is not user switchable. It is intended to learn your wifi environment over a period of time and tune it accordingly, but judging from the number of posts on the subject is far from perfect. No other make of router from TalkTalk or elsewhere will be affected by this system and you can continue to fix channels manually if you wish. 


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OK, thanks for your input. So this is another feature from TT and from their servers.

I will also connect one of my routers in parallel with TT ones via cable and have another fixed 'different' channel too - maybe tonight.

Got a grandson around and better not do anything until he is asleep ...

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Staff will switch off wi-fi optimisation for you when they reach your thread, @TorqueTorque .


There's nothing to do from your end other than wait.


Your thread won't reach them if you keep posting...


And it will already take several days to be picked up. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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It is the second time you reply in this way and all you have to do is 'read' the message and punctuations.
The hint is o the title as well.

I am not here to pick a fight.

...and yes, I am ranting about problems that have been here for years and TT pretends to listen.

I have been in the Electronics since 1980s and then also in IT since, I can see that users 'always' have rely on forums trying to find how to have a 'normal house' and avoid interference from 'any' Company and I am one of those guys that tweak its electronics to fine tuning (when is really needed) - my electronics always work and rarely are repaired, unless there is external interference and I helped a lot of people in many years for free.

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Hi Ferguson
I had a look around forum and I could not find anything stating it could be turned off.

It seems with TT, they have the habit of opting you in without asking.

How do I do that?

I just had to reset CH again a few minutes ago.

Thank you

PS Is there a page on TT forums where there are all the annoyances listed and one can obliterate them all?


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If you want WiFi optimisation turned off then just ask. 

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@TorqueTorque   do you want help or did you just want to get all the off your chest ?


From your rant it is unclear what the actual problem is.




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Here is an example of other problems with TT routers in general: