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Can I change my Router/Primary IP Address?

First Timer
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Hello community,


I'm hoping somebody can help me with this issue, as 5 "Technical advisors" have been unable to. 


My work IT department informed me today, that the reason I can't connect to the work network is due to an IP address conflict. Both the work network and my hub primary IP address use They advised me that my broadband provider would be able to assist me in changing this. 


Call no.1 

TalkTalk advisor advised me to turn off my hub for 30 minutes. This would change my IP address. I did as advised, and when I searched my IPT address, it had indeed changed. This did not resolve the issue though. As we I logged back into my hub, the primary IP address was still 


Call no.2

I explained the previous call to this new advisor, who seemed very confused and tried to get me to do the same thing as the last advisor. I explained that I was able to manually change the primary IP address, but didn't know an appropriate address to change it to. The advisor then told me to change it to a memorable number. This to me sounded ridiculous, but the advisor insisted. This resulted in me losing my internet connected entirely. 


Call no.3

My priority was now getting back my internet connection. After an hour long phone call this was achieved. I was now back to square 1.


Call no.4 & 5 seemed to hang up on me..


Call no.6

A very arrogant advisor essentially berated me and then repeated the same line over and over. He told me that the Primary IP address was not an IP address. I asked him to explain what is was then, as it's call the Primary IP Address when logged into the hub, and is called the Router IP Address on the hub itself. But no, I was wrong, and was made to feel stupid for even thinking it was an IP address. I explained that this mysterious number: (definitely not an IP address) could be changed while logged into the hub, in fact, I just spent the previous hour undoing the damage this caused when advised to do so by another advisor. Actually, no, this can't be done. So I must have imaged what happened earlier, as it isn't possible to change this number. 


Can somebody please tell me if it is possible to change the router/ primary IP address from so that it does not conflict with my office network. The only people who have this issue at work are those with talktalk as a provider. I'm not seeing any solution other than to switch my internet provider..


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Whizz Kid
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I think you login to router and go to the  DHCP Tab and change the ip address:


for example

ip address



update the the Lan IP DHCP RANGE 






save the changes ,

you will need to then login again using the new ip address assigned to the router.  


devices should pick the changes  ia DHCP or when you reconnect.