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Can I get fibre speed boost?

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I've been with talktalk for around 15 years now, and on fibre broadband with wifi hub for 2 or 3 years perhaps now.

My current package broadband speed is max of 38Mbps

How can I know if I can get the 67Mbps speed, and if I can, can I simply upgrade my package to this?


I had the "latest" fibre router (Sagemcom-FAST5364 I think its termed the "wifi hub") around 2 years ago. Is there a new router available or in the pipleline?


Many thanks



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Yes Martin, around 6dB:

Noise Margin [dB] 6.20 6.10
Attenuation [dB] 23.60 0.00
Power [dBm] 10.90 2.60

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I think you may be right !


Are your noise margins for both up and down around 6 dB ?


That is the normal target.


If you have a stable connection, I would just leave it well alone.


Keep trying that checker, it may come back to life and for my address it was pretty accurate.


Don't worry about Impacted and Non-Impacted lines, that is the difference between a perfect line and one that has multiple joints, you cannot tell the exact state of your line from there.


The Minimum Guaranteed Speed will normally be around the Handback Threshold for an impacted line in the table.

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Thanks @martswain
According to that, my max is around 4oMbs:

Actual Rate [Kbps] 35469 7153
Maximum Rate [Kbps] 40812 7153

No point in getting the boost then it seems.


On the subject of the router, mine is the Sagemcom-FAST5364 with firmware SG4K10002808t.

Is this the latest, and does anyone know if TalkTalk intend upgrading to a new router any time soon?


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Thanks @martswain @hawkerpaul  that's pretty much what I suggested at post 2 Thanks for your fuller explanation Mart.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Log in to your router ( and navigate to the DSL Statistics page.


You should see "Maximum Downstream Rate" along with you actual Downstream Line Rate.


That maximum is the calculated best rate that can be expected from your line and should give you an idea of what is possible.


Only a few get that exact rate.


My theoretical max rate is 47.9, but I actually get 34.3 and my minimum guaranteed speed is only 23.


TT should not sell you the boost unless your minimum guaranteed speed is well above 40.


What are your current ACTUAL Downstream and Upstream Rates ?

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Ha! sorry @Divsec no offence intended. 🙂
I would sign up for it If only I could find out the max possible speed on my line first.
Perhaps that BT address checker will come back online soon, I'll keep checking.
Or maybe someone on here from TalkTalk could confirm the maximum possible speed please on my line, as I would sign up to Boost right away if possible.

Thanks everyone so far. You've been most helpful.

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Hi @hawkerpaul , noo I did understand I just wasn't making myself clear. 


Simple solution sign up for it, boost are monthly,and see what you get.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Ah! Sorry, I didn;t see that.

Saying that the address checker is unavailable!
I give up

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The phone number checker only works for BT customers; the address checker option works for anyone. 


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Thanks Martin.
Seems that only works for BT customers.

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The 38 and 67 are just generic average speeds for each product.


Use this site


Use the small "address checker" button at the bottom and this will give you an estimate for YOUR line.






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Hi Dave.

Many thanks again, but I don't think you're quite grasping my question here.

TalkTalk offer standard fibre @38Mpbs, and a speed boost @ 69Mbps

I'm asking if my package could be upgraded to this speed, but if my line physically cannot deal with the higher speed, then there is no point in me doing so.


Thanks for your all your help+efforts.


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Hi @hawkerpaul try follow the link at the bottom of this FAQ What affects your broadband speed 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Hi @Divsec and many thanks for the reply.

My router says I'm currently on 35Mbps, but I would like to know what the maximum speed is for my particular line could be, and If I could be upgraded with the speed boost package.

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Hi @hawkerpaul a quick check is to look at the sync rate In your router.

Check your sync speed 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.