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Can't log into My account / Upgrade to Fibre 500

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Good evening


On 3/8/21, I called up and agreed to upgrade from Fibre 65 toFibre 500. This was arranged for 18/8/21. 


On 18/8/21, after not receiving my order & calling up to be told the order was cancelled (Nobody was sure why), the order was reprocessed and an installation date of 27/8/21 agreed.

As of 18/8/21, I've been unable to log into my account - I did receive a 'welcome' email, but haven't had confirmation. 

The login error continues regardless of me repeatedly changing my password - effectively the process starts and the cloud login pictorial with 'Preparing account details' appears, but I then bounce back to the login screen with "Sorry due to technical issues we can’t log you in right now. Please try again later" 


Two questions:


1) Is my order going to be processed / cancelled again? I've had no confirmation email of engineer visit & no router posted yet, so I suspect the worst after last time! 

2) Why can't I log into my account? (As mentioned, I've tried the self help of changing password - and have also tried different browsers / devices / clearing cache etc, but this doesn't resolve)

Thanks for any help!


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Hi Testing123123


Unfortunately we have no access to view orders for FTTP , you will need to contact the Future fibre team to check this. 


In relation to My Account this is being investigated.  




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Good afternoon


To update, I’ve just had a text message off openreach stating:


”Hi it's Openreach. We have received your order from TalkTalk and will be installing your Future Fibre on 6 Sep arriving between 1PM-6PM at postcode ending (**Redacted**).

Reply CONFIRM if you're happy with these order details or let us know if you would like to update anything.


Just to clarify - the date I agreed to & am available is Friday 27/8/21 PM if that can be confirmed.