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Need help?

Can you help with my complaint?




I've been asked to post here regarding my review:




I still don't beleive TalkTalk are taking my complaint seriously! I;ve been promised call backs (which never happen) they refuse to escalate to the CEO Complaints team, even though I have messaged so many times to request this to be escalated.


Short Story:

Phone line and broadband went down


Message to TalkTalk


TalkTalk wanted to SELL me a new Router to fix


After me declining the offer to BUY a router from you to fix my phone line, TalkTalk were still insistant it was a router issue (not sure how that fixes the phone line, the advisor couldn't answer that either!) still sending me out a replacement router.


Next day I message to see what else that have done to fix my phone line... NOTHING!


Finally they agreed to raise it as a fault


Faultly line is still there for a couple more days so still try and get an update. Told it's with engineer and they will provide me updates.


No updates received (your website says you would)


Another message to TalkTalk, generic answer (after 40 mins of chat) is that it's still with engineer and they will contact me.


Phone line does seem to get fixed, but very poor performance (I mean either dial-up speed or keeps not connecting)


Another message to TalkTalk, yep same answer (again after 40 mins) still with enginner and we will contact you.


Finally my speeds got a more reasonable speed (about a week later).


Now lets talk compensation chat.... the advisor wanted to offer me £2 to compensate me for my faulty line! Ofcom's rules state that I'm due £8 per day automatic payment.


Not happy with that, eventually (and I mean a long time trying escalate it!) it was escalated to a Fault Manager.


The fault manager contacted me back within the 72hrs and wanted to give me £5 towards my time (and I've spent hours chasing!) - I declined this offer and pointed out to the faults manager Ofcom rules don't agree. The Fault Manager said the only way I will get higher than £5 is if its passed to the CEO team, which I asked for this to be done.


The Fault manager was insitant they wanted to do a line test (even though I pointed out it seems fine now) - Oh well, thinking I wont get anywhere without doing this, a call back was arranged for the following day, which he was insitant i HAD to be at home.


Rushed home from work to meet the appointment, no one called me!


Back to messaging TalkTalk, there answer was that I'm due a call back during these times/date and I should wait for it - I pointed out to the advisor that the time & date had now passed, which is why I sent a message!


At that point I lost patience with the Fault Managers and asked for it to be escalated to the CEO Complaints team.


Since then , I have messaged so many times to request it to be escalated or to provide me a contact details for your CEO team, but they refuse and say it can't be escalated until I speak to your Fault Managers (even after pointing out I do not wish to waste my time with them - they had their chance!)


In my last chat Your TalkTalk team cant tell me who the CEO of TalkTalk is or even where I can direct a letter to your CEO! In the end I googled it and asked them to confirm, again they couldn't!


Now I have the contact details for Tristia I wonder if emailing her would get someone else to look at it?


I can't wait until my contact finishes, I will be going elsewhere for my services.

Community Star

Hi Bob your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during Monday

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Bob24601


Sorry that you are unhappy.


I will pass you open complaint to our CEO team, They will contact you within the next 5 working days. 




Hi @OCE_Arne

Thank you, hopefully they don't mess me around. I am a reasonable person, but don't like getting messed about or the fact your company don't wish to declare a failure.

I'm seeking compensation for the complete loss of service and poor speed. Had that have been resolved straight away that would be all I would be seeking however due to the fact I've wasted so many hours and given false promises and inaccurate information I'm seeking compensation for this too.

Just to add, I have meetings for the next three days solid (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) so I won't be contactable. Friday onwards will be fine.
Well just an update, getting your CEO Complaints team involved was a bit of a waste of time, they did contact me, but don't wish to compensate me for my time that Talktalk have wasted, or missed phone appointments with their faults managers.

They have finally agreed to send me a deadlock letter as we couldn't reach an agreement.

2 more months and I will be free from my contract, can't wait to leave!