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Cancelling my talktalk package

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We are having to leave the UK and I would like to cancel my Talktalk subscription however I am unable to contact anyone at Talktalk at the moment.... I dont know what I should do.

Any and all tips are welcome!


Thank you,




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@jgg99 Ok, let me check the final bill, how much was the amount shown in the email? 


I've also sent you a PM to confirm some details. 




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Hi Arne,

thanks for replying.

The account is indeed cancelled,however the final bill firstly shows a different amount in my account as to the email I received notifying me of the amount to be paid,and secondly, my initial e-mail requesting my cancellation was on 28/03,two weeks before my apparent contract end date, and then several more after that,all of which copies I have kept, with no human replies until my account was cancelled in may. Leaving me with extra charges on my bill for services not needed or wanted.

I finally got to speak to an operator, Mzambo, on the 29th of May but he could not look into previously sent e-mails and took my contact details for which someone to call me back.His suggestion.I am still waiting,

I need someone who is capable of handling and checking into this situation to contact me to get this settled.

Thanks again Arne.




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Hi jgg99


I can see that the account is now cancelled and your final bill has been produced



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@jgg99 ok if u want next and highest level for Support is case is make a formal complaint see in footer of site as u say they have not followed u request.


CEO office will be able to help directly and should be able to get copy of the emails and also have access to see information on here but they work with u directly.


But if you do open a formal complaint no one else can help u until the case is closed.

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Thanks hosay,

I have now been in contact with an OCE and hopefully it is now in good hands.

Sorry about the delay in replying.


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Hi Chris,

I am really sorry for the delay in replying as I genuinely thought that this issue was concluded.

However I received a bill covering months that I have not been living at the address.

I have spoke to a couple of the talktalk team but they could not help me and could not even access the emails i received in reply even through the reference number given by talktalk in the reply e-mail.

I do really need to speak with someone with the access to these emails and authority to deal with this situation.

I thank you in advance if you could arrange this as this situation is becoming ludicrous,inept and disgusting how talktalk cannot action a simple cancellation request without seeking to compensate their failure by demanding payment from people who have already notified them of their intentions.

I am sorry,I could not find a PM from yourself so any further information needed please ask as I am so anxious to have this issue sorted and put to bed.

Kindest regards,


Kindest regards C


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Hi Jason,


I've sent you a PM to confirm some details so that we can arrange the callback if still required




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@jgg99 even if u did live at the property ur still in a contact agreement with talktalk.


U may find u have to make a formal complaint for a CEO to handle it I think.


They are the last people to have a say on it.


I think they do it from 30 days notice.


And talktalk call back think not always happen for some reason.


Let see what a oce says to do next as they can pass it up if needed

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Sorry to bother you so soon Debbie.

I have just received an email from talktalk re cancelling,if this was a result of your actions then thank you.The problem is however I still think I need to talk to someone as I am being told my service will be cancelled on the 26th of this month,and the final bill sent out 10 days after that.I have been trying to contact someone since the 28th of march in emails I have kept copies of as proof,as my contract ran out on in early April.So the final bill is going to be unreasonably large and my usage also can be checked as I have not lived in the registered address since the start of lockdown.I also spoke to someone before lockdown on expert chat re cancelling and I was advised then to ring back at a later date to cancel to not incur any early cancellation charges,




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Yes please Debbie,that would be wonderful,thank you so much.


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Hi jgg99


If you have been unable to make contact then I can request a call back from our Loyalty Team. We advise to allow up to 48hrs to receive this call. Would you like me to arrange this?





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Yeah,I think thats how I tried, unfortunately as philosopher has posted,when i tried the app chat also wasn't working right now


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Ok thanks  I could f find a link to chat on the website 


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Ok thanks 


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Thanks, I keep u posted

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The app chat might not be a instant one.


I know the help page has a link for a chat.


Last time I used the app it was not working as it not use the app anymore.

Hope that help Regards Joe
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good luck with that and please keep me updated on your progress as I have tried the app myself with no success .

If you get results I may need to know exactly how you managed it.


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Thank you for your advice. I am on the chat with them now via talk talk app. Quite handy. Waiting 15 minutes already for reply but hopefully it will not take too long.

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@Edziafredzia please do as @Debbie-TalkTalk has said on the other post or u can try the chat service but u should be able to use the call number but may be busy at times


some people have got on to them but other have reported a issue.


the staff on here can not handle with u cancelling for some reason.


@csquared2  u many find that doing that just get the person the same message as @Debbie-TalkTalk has already given on here.


seems like they do not handle this type of issue.

Hope that help Regards Joe
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Hi @jgg99 


You need to start your own Topic.


Go to 'Help with your service' and choose your service (Fibre Broadband).


Once the first page has loaded, click on the 'Start a topic' button and the 'New Massage' page will open.


Insert your Subject and Body texts, editing and previewing as necessary. Then Post.