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Change of internet plan

Kishwar Shethi
First Timer
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Hi, currently I am using the fast broadband plan and the contract will end on the 18th of September. However, I am facing trouble with my present plan and want to shift to another plan like Fibre35. Please do help me in this regard before the renewal of my existing plan. What can I do in this regard?


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@Kishwar Shethi 


Check if Fibre 35 is available in the "Offers and upgrades" section of your online account.


Call 0345 172 0046 and ask what packages are available to you.


If you are having connection issues on normal broadband, be aware that Fibre 35 also uses that very same phone line for the last part of the connection to your home, so if there is a fault on that line you will just carry the problem over.


If you need help with the fault, add your home phone number to your community profile, click on your avatar at the top RHS of the page to start.


Staff here are not able to offer upgrades and contract changes, but they can help sorting out any problems with your service