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Chat Help line not helpfull

Team Player

According to TT line checker I have fault between myself an TT, I know BT have been doing a lot work recently in the area and I feel my broadband is suffering from it .

 I went in to chat told them the problems I was having  then I get an email from TT to say they are working on my fault then chat disconnects as I was asked to check router connection and check master socket ,my master socket was replaced when I went to fibre for a new one which has a two sockets on it one which is small and the other for a phone line end of.

 I am paying for a service which recently has become very flakey indeed buck your ideas up and get it sorted please or I will be demanding some compensation .

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @simbat


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @simbat


What problems are you having?  All line tests are passing.


You are showing:


Sync Status : In Sync

Downstream Speed (MBPS) = 38.3

Upstream Speed (MBPS) = 7.2


With no dropping connections. Can you give us more information.