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Compatible Router - Bridge Mode?

First Timer
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Hi Guys, I'm looking for some proper help at the moment, and I'm basically really stuck and don't know where to turn.


Essentially I'm looking to outsource some work through my work computer (NOT through software though as this is trackable) across the web, to someone in the Far East.

Therefore I've bought the (expensive) KVM over IP hardware device (Raritan DKX4-101).


I'd obviously need to outsource the work through a shared IP address which has been port forwarded.


BUT, I've hit a bit of a barrier.


I was advised I needed pfSense (a firewall) which I've now installed on a client PC box thing. But the problem is I need to turn my router into Bridge mode (bridging), the TalkTalk router I have (all other TalkTalk routers) seem not to have this feature at all. I spent hours on the phone last night to TalkTalk and they explained this was something they couldn't offer. To make matters worse it seems like I cannot use a third party router.


So to put it more succinctly:


Aim: I'm looking to outsource some work through my work computer (NOT through software though as this is trackable) across the web, to someone in the Far East.


Method: I want to turn my router into a bridged router attached to my pfSense firewall pc client which will port forward to my KVM over IP which will enable a hardware connection (NOT software connection).


Problem: TalkTalk routers do not allow bridge mode, TalkTalk also does not allow other routers on their network (apparently?) from what the assistant told me on the phone last night + port forwarding from the TalkTalk router is highly insecure (??? Have I got this right ???)

I also need a wifi signal to connect to remotely.



different router? TalkTalk assistant said this wouldn't be allowed? But she had no idea what she was talking about on the phone anyways...

Different ISP? -> Can't, as I live in a shared house owned by landlord who sorts that out... so again in a bind here...


urgh... what do I do?


Whizz Kid
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Best bet is to get something like a Draytek 130 VDSL Modem for FTTC connections.  

you are then free the put in place a router/ wireless router of your choice. 


Talk Talk do allow 3rd party modems/routers. 


This will probably be the simplest option.  


Community Star
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If the TalkTalk router is connected to the broadband & even if you could put it into bridge mode, it will give you no internet access at all. This is because bridge mode disables all routing functions which make it impossible to route IP packets from your local network to the public internet.


I assume that you really mean modem mode, which no current TalkTalk router supports. 


However, I have quite a simple method to get either of the two WiFi hubs to behave in a similar manner to modem mode. If you would like me to share this with you, I need to know the make/model of TalkTalk router that you have & what would be connected to it to act as the router.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
TalkTalk support and Community Stars - Who are they? 


Wise Owl
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It is possible to put the Sagem into bridged mode but it's not easy to do and when more or less any 3rd party VDSL modem/ router can be put into bridged mode through the UI it's definitely a better option.


Just make sure it can authenticate using IPoE/ DHCP/ Automatic IP or some such similar expression and it will work fine with TT. 


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Hi @egay14 as you say the person you spoke to had no response idea.


Set up a non-TalkTalk router is helpful. 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.