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Confused about engineer visit - fibre speed boost

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I've had talktalk fibre for over a year with no problems.... apart from the hg633 router that i replaced with a draytek because the hg633 wifi kept dropping.

I'm on faster fibre with download speeds of  22Mbps.

Last week I upgraded to faster fibre with speed boost, but there was no speed increase at all, exactly the same speed as I've always had.. almost to the bit !

I asked if the speed boost had actually been activated at which point TT opened a case with openreach.

Today I've had an email telling me that a fault has been detected and that I need an engineer to visit the house.

Considering that I've still got 22Mpbs download coming down the line, I'm wondering what possible fault could be in the house ?.

Whenever i run a line check with TT it says it cant identify the router (because I my own draytek), could that be triggering the engineer visit ?

If speed boost was active, wouldnt I see even a slight increase in the speed, which I'm not ?.


Any thoughts or comments ?




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Hello Michelle

I've no idea, we dont have a phone plugged in anymore, we just use the internet.

As far as the test socket goes, I dont think there is one..... The phone line coming in from outside, goes to a small, what looks like an extension socket. Its certainly not the big square socket where you can unscrew the faceplate and plug in directly behind it !.



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I've run a test on the line which has detected a possible voice fault. Are you experiencing any issues with the voice service such as noise on the line or no dial tone? Does your master socket also have a test socket?




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As you have upload sync at near the maximum for the 40/10, it might be worth waiting for an OCE to check the predicted speeds for your line.


If there is a fault and/or you have a high downstream noise margin (above 6 dB) there may yet be room for improvement.


Make sure your profile has your landline number and to avoid this topic moving down the work list, refrain from posting again until an OCE replies.

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Hi Martin
According to router, Download speed is 31380kbps and Upload speed is 9995.
I'm on the "up to 38Mbps" plan, dont recall what the guaranteed speed was though 😞
Sounds like I've wasted my money 😞

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Unless you previously had a speed of around 40 the boost will not make any difference to a line that can only support speeds in the mid 20's.


What is your upload sync ?


What is your minimum guaranteed speed as per your contract ?


The boost only removes the 40/10 cap and allows up to 80/20 but that is almost entirely dependent on the length of your copper line to the fibre cabinet, if you were not at or very near to 40/10, nothing is likely to improve.