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Connecting a Fritzbox 7530 -- how?

Bob Owen
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I am new to Talktalk, it is all working with the latest sagem wifi hub but I would like to connect a Fritzbox 7530 instead.  Does anyone have any experience with a Fritzbox and do I need to do anything else but the following from the internet for connecting  a non Talktalk router?


Username We use automated network authentication so there is no need for a username. You can leave this blank.
Password We use automated network authentication so there is no need for a password. You can leave this blank.
Transfer Mode/Loop Encaps PTM
MTU 1500
DNS Set as automatic (or similar)
Priority 0

Thanks in advance, bob


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If you are trying to connect a Fritz!box 7530 to TalkTalk the first thing you need to do is check that it has the latest Fritz!OS which at the time of writing is 7.20.  If it is not this version or later download it from the AVM website using another device and install it on the router offline,


Once installed log on the 7530 choose the Account Information Required  - No  for the username and password in the Internet/Account Information section of the UI and try connecting with all other default settings and it should connect.  Failing that choose VLAN ID of 101, VPI 0 VCI 38, Encapsulation PPPoE as well and try that.


Best of luck.


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I have used a FritzBox in the past without issue, if you have any problems when you actually try to connect it will be better to post then.