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Contract Renewal Confusion

First Timer
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Hi All, 

          New to this so please bear with. 

My Faster Fibre with Fibre Speed Boost contract is ending fairly soon. It costs me £25.50 p/month and my up / down speeds are 77 mbps and 19 mbps. 


Talk Talk advise I can keep this deal after the contract expires and pay £33.95 instead, an increase of £8.45 p/month. 

They seem to be steering me towards a Fibre 65 deal for £26 ( a negligible increase of only 50p per month). 

My concern is the maximum speeds quoted for the Fibre 65 package is 69 mbps and 18 mbps, both of which are lower than my current attainable speeds.


Concerningly after reading other threads on this forum, the minimum guaranteed download speed for Fibre 65 is only 27.6 mbps, which seems to me to give Talk Talk a lot of wriggle room. 


My choices appear to be (a) to swallow the £8.45 rise to keep the speeds I have, or

(b) take the Fibre 65 at £26 then suddenly find that my speeds have dropped off a cliff when the Fibre 65 kicks in. No good ringing to complain then, as they'll just quote the min guarantee of 27.6 mbps at me. 


I'd be interested to know if anybody else has faced this problem. 


Thanks in advance. If any Talk Talk staff see this would they like to weigh in with a reply ?? 



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@MoeSyszlak wrote:


I forgot to ask about the Fibre Speed Boost, sorry about that. 


@MoeSyszlak What exactly is it you want to ask? I don't understand why you are getting so hung up on this speed boost thing.


The old Faster Fibre package was limited to sync speed of 40/10

This has been replaced by Fibre35 which is limited to sync speed of 40/10


The addition of the "speed boost" to Faster Fibre removed the 40/10 limit and allowed speeds up to 80/20

Fibre65 by default allows speeds up to 80/20 so there is no need for any "speed boost"



Community Star
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It is essentially a name change, so heaven knows why those quoted parameters vary. Hopefully you won't see any significant difference, but if you do then let us know and the support team here can investigate for you. 


First Timer
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Hi to all.

Thought I'd reply with the resolution (hopefully) of this post. 

I went on Live Chat this (Saturday) morning with the Help & Support / New Deals people and explained I was seeking reassurance that my speeds would remain unaltered if I went on to Fibre 65. ( I went on Live Chat so I could keep a record of the conversation). 

We initially did a little dance with each other  whereby I was simply sent the Fibre 65 parameters, which for me were:

Download 65.7-73.0 and Minimum Guarantee 59.1. 

I then asked for the Faster Fibre ( my current deal)parameters so I could compare them: 

Download 68.1-73.6 and Minimum Guarantee 62.0

So in summary, they are slightly different. Fractionally worse if I'm honest. (Remember I was getting 77 down and 19 up)

My Live Chat agent (I wont name them here, but I did give them good feedback) said that if my line was capable of delivering 77/19 on Faster Fibre, then it'll do the same on Fibre 65. 

I know I am making a huge assumption here, but if this is simply a "name change" and nothing changes at software level, exchange equipment  level and line level, then I can see my speeds being maintained. If there's more to it than that, I suppose I'll notice after 6/11, when this change happens. 

In short I've taken up the Fibre 65 as I've been given assurances nothing will change. Naive ? I'll let you know after 6/11. 

I forgot to ask about the Fibre Speed Boost, sorry about that. 



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if it comes as an issue with my speed I would throw it back at them and point out this in the email:-

You can look forward to an estimated download speed between 79.0Mbps and 80.0Mbps with a minimum guaranteed speed of 72.0Mbps.

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@bigkenny , You have stated that you have it in writing in an email that your minimum guaranteed speed is 72Mbps. If I were you, I would be stressing that fact to customer services.



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when I rang up and got my new contract (loyality team) they read out terms and conditions etc and then mentioned this lower speed as well. There was a long delay in the conversation so I never pushed it as it was hard work. My old contract was up in about 4 weeks so not much I could really do. It is what it is I guess. My details what I have said was proving a point the guaranteed speeds are now lower!


Im not throwing this point back and forth with you Im stating a written fact and spoken fact said to me days ago. I was just backing this chap up who started this thread and hes correct. END OFF


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@bigkenny wrote:

I think those readings I have posted proves my point these were before and after.

It shows that the guaranteed minimum shown on that speedtest page in the Service Centre is lower now than it used to be - It doesn't prove that it is correct. As I have said before, from my personal experience much of what is shown on those pages is nonsense.


You also said that the email confirmation you got when you started the new contract showed your guaranteed minimum as 72Mbps, as it had been in the past. I would be more inclined to believe that than anything shown on the Service Centre pages.





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I think those readings I have posted proves my point these were before and after.


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Have you actually read what I have said I have said they have brought down the guaranteed minimum speed from what it used to be to a new lower one? They have shifted the goal posts from a higher number to a lower number. I was just agreeing with a fellow forum member who has also noticed this lower guaranteed decrease in speed. My guaranteed speed used to be 72Mbps. It’s now been pushed down to below 60Mbps.

Here are the readings from my Original package and after the change to Fibre 65.






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@bigkenny wrote:

I`m just agreeing with part of the thread on this subject that TT have changed (lowered) there minimum guaranteed speed on what it used to be. 


@bigkenny ,The point I was trying to make is that from my personal experience, a lot of what is displayed in the "Service Centre" is nonsense. Are you sure they have actually lowered your guaranteed minimum speed?  Could the lower figure just be an error? Have you actually contacted TalkTalk to confirm or are you just making assumptions?



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Yes I don’t want to get bogged down with doing speed test just for the sake of the numbers game, I`m just agreeing with part of the thread on this subject that TT have changed (lowered) there minimum guaranteed speed on what it used to be. It’s just to shut us up, us `Joe Public`. So they can get away with a lower service and think nothing of it and think we have not noticed what they’re doing. They always seem to try/get away with changing things and hide behind the small print. Like prices changes in mid contract come to mind!

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@bigkenny I wouldn't pay any attention to what it says in the "Service Centre" - It's a complete shambles.


If you are actually having problems with your service, then start your own topic to get help with that. Otherwise, just be grateful of the fact that you are able to get speeds more than double what some of us can.



@MoeSyszlak , How are you getting on?



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Just noticed my guaranteed speed HAS been dropped from what it used to be (used to be 72 minimum) on my older contract to the new name Fibre 65 and the guaranteed minimum speed has been dropped to 58 Mbps. So were going backwards on the speed now at the stroke of a pen when in real terms nothing has changed. Same line/equipment. An email sent with new contract details says: - minimum guaranteed speed of 72.0Mbps.

But on the TT speed site says the guaranteed download speed to your home TalkTalk router is 58 Mbps. It’s just dumbing down the minimum speed and stop us moaning I guess so they have lowered the bar in TT`s favour. Nice one TT 🙂


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yes my back garden overlooks the local phone exchange with the green cabs in their grounds. I could throw a stone and reach my cab 🙂 so nice and near. To be honest FTTP would be nice but its a pity my cab is not set up for as I might get max 150 or as close as


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@MoeSyszlak wrote:

while on to them will probably ask why the Speed Boost now isn't needed. 


The speed boost never really added or "boosted" anything. All it did was removed an artificial restriction.


  • The old Faster Fibre package was limited to 40Mbps download, 10Mbps upload.
  • This restricted package has been renamed Fibre35.


  • Faster Fibre with the speed boost applied simply removed the 40/10 cap to allow speeds up to the maximum of 80/20 (depending on the quality/length of your line to the cabinet)
  • This unrestricted package has been renamed Fibre65.


I hope that explains it clearly.


As for the guaranteed minimum download speed (there are no guarantees for upload), there is no universal guaranteed minimum for each package. The speed you can get depends on the quality and length of the phone line from the cabinet to your home, so each customer will be given their own personal guaranteed minimum.

My guaranteed minimum for example is 26 or 28Mbps (depending on whether you trust the information I got at sign-up or the information in the service centre, but that's another story) since the actual speed I get is about 35Mbps/5Mbps down/up. Going by the figures you posted, your guaranteed minimum is likely to be much higher. You must live extremely close to the cabinet as you seem to be getting speeds very close to the maximum.



Enlightened One
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I too renewed my contract a few days ago. I`ve kept the same speed/phone package and not changed anything. I rung the loyalty team and got a better deal that way. They too quoted a lower minimum speed that was guaranteed (which is lower than the package I’m on now). Thankfully the email with all the details had a better guaranteed speed on than the chap on the phone said.

The email had this in it :-

You can look forward to an estimated download speed between 79.0Mbps and 80.0Mbps with a minimum guaranteed speed of 72.0Mbps.


Which suited me fine?


First Timer
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Thanks for all your replies.

Anisa...good to hear the speeds should remain unchanged.  

I will speak to the loyalty team as suggested and while on to them will probably ask why the Speed Boost now isn't needed. 


Support Team
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Hi MoeSyszlak,


Thanks for getting in touch.


Customers who are eligible for Fibre 65 no longer require the Speed Boost.


If you'd like to discuss what offers we have available, our Loyalty Team will be more than happy to help. You can reach the team on 0345 172 0046 or via Live Chat Contact us - TalkTalk Help & Support




Community Star
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When you speak to the LOYALTY team, @MoeSyszlak, make a careful note of what they say the minimum guaranteed speed is supposed to be.


You may well get nothing in writing and then only have the Service Centre to refer to, but this should be read out as a statement towards the end of your phone call. 


Take a note of the agent's name and exactly when you call.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Super Duper Contributor
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Fibre 65 is just a rename of your current package. Nothing should change at all speed wise and the speeds you currently receive should remain stable.


I’d suggest getting in touch with the loyalty team. They can offer better prices than the one offered currently. You can do this via live chat if you want.

My contract ends in a month and after contacting them, they’ve offered a fixed price plan that is much cheaper than what the renewal email offered me.


Hope I’ve helped 😁

Anisa Khalifa