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Copy paste replies from Community Stars

Whizz Kid
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Something I have been pondering over for a few months.

Seems even the Community Stars on here have their own copy paste replies on this forum, almost as bad as the script followed by the chat team.




Support Team
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Hi Bazzatay


We have standard checks/replies that we can use that would help with the fault diagnostic process.


If someone is experiencing a fault and we already have the testing/diagnostics required typed up then it would make sense to use this.


The Community Stars spend their own time helping others on the Community and often resolve many issues before TalkTalk staff reach a customers thread.


Are you experiencing any issues with your service?





Community Star
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@Bazzatay, given that we do this in our spare time I reckon that it makes sense to keep things as efficient as possible!


I have found that, on a smartphone, the predictive text is also aware of what we are going to have to say again and again.....


Until Talktalk provides us with a proper contact page, this is the best way to avoid wasting time unnecessarily and the most effective way to point customers in the right direction as quickly as possible. 


What's your point?

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Community Star
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As long as we continue helping fellow Customers on here I don't see why it should matter whether replies are copied & pasted or written from scratch.


Sometimes the most basic stuff hasn't been done before they Jump on here or they just don't know how. So it's better to start on a level playing field and that way we and the Support staff know whats already been done and covered.

Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!

Insightful One
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@Bazzatay  Wrote: 'Seems even the Community Stars on here have their own copy paste replies on this forum ....................... '


Do they Bazzatay?  I always figured they used the Settings, Macro Option!




Community Star
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There are always going to be some standard things that people need to check to cover the basics, personally I find it saves a lot of time to have those very common questions saved so I can paste them, once people have done those initial checks I would then respond as appropriate based on how they have replied to those initial checks.


I can't see much point in me basically saying "please try running a line test from the service centre" in hundreds of different ways.