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Could my TP-Link ethernet switch be affecting my Wi-Fi and Internet connection?

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So since Saturday evening I have been experiencing intermittent drops in my internet throughout the whole house. It has happened 4-5 times since then that I can recall and running the diagnostics doesn't help with troubleshooting - even though it acknowledges I'm offline (using mobile to hotspot). 


I use a TP-Link powerline to bring a wired signal from my router in the living room into my spare bedroom, this then connects to a TP-Link ethernet switch to split the wired connection between my work computer and my PC. I have had this setup for 2+ years and have never had any issues and it's 100% up until Saturday evening worked very well. 


Yesterday morning, I was having the issues while trying to fire up my work laptop. Couldn't get online and spent half an hour trying. I decided for some reason to try taking my wired connection out of my switch and directly into my work computer... and haven't had any issues for two day. 


I've just put the wires back to use my personal computer and have lost connection again with some DNS errors (router is set-up to use google). However, I've just done the same thing, hard wired the TP-Link Powerline directly to my PC and everything is now well.... 


So my question - Is it possible that a potentially faulty TP-Link Ethernet Switch is causing my drop in connection? Or is it all just a massive coincidence? 




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Always a good idea to reset everything.  power off all equipment including the router for a short time.  Reset the adapters as advised above, then before connecting your switch, try a direct wired connection to the adapter from your laptop and see if there is a connection getting through the adapters.  If this is working, reconnect the switch and test again at the switch.






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Hi, I use the same product for extended ethernet physical connections. Never had a problem on EE. Touch wood don't have a problem on TT (but do have other issues) you may have already tried this but maybe unplug everything so no power at all for 5 mins. Take the extender  plugs into the same room as router and reconnect via WPS again (bit like a fresh start) then move the plugs back to the socket you want to use again. Sounds like I'm a techie but I'm not but have spent enough hours in the past on the phone to tech support lol


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Hi MackScania,


Welcome to the Community. I can't provide any advice on a 3rd party device, however I'm sure one of our members may be able to offer advice.


Thanks 🙂