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Customer Service Shambles

First Timer
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Sorry but only been with TT 30 days and already lost service for 36hrs plus, for me to get a refund for having no service they want me to escalate the compliant, how stupid, they need to train their staff better, worse experience I have ever had.  They ask so many questions you go round and round in circles, if service is bad they should automatically refund, not expect customer to fight for it. All it does is make customer angry even more then they leave. Guess TT dont give flying monkeys about people. I have never been more frustrated with anyone else than TT. In my book they are the worse supplier ever.


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Hi megga


Thanks for keeping us updated, please let us know if you do experience any further issues.




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That's good news, thanks for letting us know.


First Timer
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Thanks everyone for response, issue has now been dealt with and resolved.


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Yes @ferguson you are correct and I am in error on this occasion.


Hope OP gets satisfaction and that you both have a pleasant Sunday. 

TalkTalk BorkBork

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@W130SN  As I mentioned to you during our own "discussion" you really should read the information you post yourself. Automatic compensation only applies after two full working days. Not 36 hours as was the case here. Kindly stop providing misleading and incorrect information to other members.


@megga  I can only imagine that you were advised to lodge a formal complaint precisely because automatic compensation does not apply here. In the event of a complaint then a manager may have discretion to provide a goodwill gesture of some kind.

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@meggaI had this discussion with @ferguson 


The compensation is supposed to be automatic but TalkTalk currently don't have their system ready, so compensation has to be calculated and applied manually at the moment.




TalkTalk BorkBork

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No, have service back up but was down for 36hrs and wanted me to escalate just to get some kind of compensation, i.e refund for not having service, which I think was ridiculous and should have been automatically offered like most other companies do for being offline, I have only been with Talk Talk 30 days, yet SKY was with 1yr no problem apart from when router went we had no connection issues, and sky was always helpful, as like said was only 30 days and was shocked how got treated by customer service by just going round and round in circles if you can't start looking after your customers then sorry not the company for me.

Support Team
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Sorry to hear you have had a poor experience.  Are you still without a service currently ?





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