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Customer service is very poor

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I was on the phone to a talk talk customer service agent for 39 minutes due to being charged 32.00 from 18.95 , and I have already upgrade to fibre after being bullied to upgrade by your sales team, which was supposed to go live from 1st April 21 and still no fibre yet , and old package is still running at 32.00 which was 18.95 before the contract finished, so I was promised refund by the talk talk agent who spoke funny accent, but just checked this months bill and it 32.00 , you laying b**** 😡 


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Hi Nali247


I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues.


Can I firstly ask that you read our Community Guidelines 


We like to have a real family feel here on our community so we need your help to make sure it stays that way…so it goes without saying that should anyone post any of the below it will be removed.


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