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DG8041W Slower Sync than BT Business Smart Hub 6

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I have just moved over from Plusnet today and was using a BT Business Smart hub with them,

the BT Business Smart hub will sync at the full 80mb down and 20mb, but I cant browse with it as I believe the network settings are different and cant be changed in a BT router.

The TalktTalk hub black is syncing at 
Upstream line rate (kbit/s): 20000
Downstream line rate (kbit/s): 69257
Maximum upstream rate (kbit/s): 23182
Maximum downstream rate (kbit/s): 83632

Is it common for these to be underachieving, is the Sagemcom 5364 router anybetter?

I dont really want to buy a 3rd party router as it kind of then wipes out the saving of 

moving to TalkTalk.

I know these speeds are still faster than allot of other people so dont mean to complain, just annoying a little when I know it has worked faster before lol.


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Hi OliverG,


Thanks for the information. If you could bump the thread later in the week we'll see if DLM has changed your profile


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Hi Michelle, yes happy to leave it for a while and postback.


Yes exact same socket (Prefiltered Master Socket), I literally took the existing dsl cable out of the BT router and popped it

in the TalkTalk one, just before that I could see the BT router was insync at 80/20 but had lost its IP address after the move to TalkTalk in the early hours of the morning.


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Welcome to the Community 🙂 I'm also using the Huawei Wifi hub and not experiencing any issues with a reduced sync speed. It can take DLM up to 10 days to fully optimise the connection based upon the stability and number of errors on the line. Would it be possible to post back here in a few days and we can check the connection stats for you. Is the router also located in the same location?




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