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DG8041w Firmware update to 1.06t

First Timer
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Hi, I have the DG8041w router. My internet speed has always been great however often times the speed will decrease from the advertised 60mbps to 4mbps which is easily fixed by simply rebooting the router. This is annoying as I have to reboot the router at least 3 times a week in order to actually use the WiFi otherwise the speed is consistent throughout the week at 4mbps (If I don't initiate a reboot). I am hoping that this issue could be due to the firmware version being 1.05t and not the latest 1.06t. I am wondering if someone could update the firmware for me or give me instructions on how to manually do it myself, I believe it can be done via a file upload on the admin page, however, I was unsuccessful in acquiring the update file online. 


Support Team
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Hi Simon


I'm sorry to hear this.


Firmware 1.05 is the latest version for the Huawei WIFI hub.


Would you like me to send a replacement router for testing so we can rule out a fault with your router?