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I understand that no one at TT can do anything about resetting DLM to cause a resync or whatever.


Is there a known method to force it to kick in at home? I recall something about disconnecting the line for 30 minutes but I'm not sure that this actually works?


I spent some time trying third-party modems and it's caused my sync to drop from 68/16 to 58/12 - the connection has been up nearly 4 days on the TT equipment but it's yet to improve:


This is before I started my testing:

TalkTalk ISP Status.PNG



























And this is as it stands now:


TalkTalk ISP Status v2.PNG


The upstream looks like it's at the top of the 6th profile FTTC uses.


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The 30 minute power down is to re-initialise the line, it doesn't really effect DLM settings.


I'd give things a bit more time - when I was having router issues it took around 13 to 14 days for DLM (a full DLM cycle) to fully react to the line stability.