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DNS settings on DSL-3782

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I am just a customer, the ETA will be down to the manufacturer.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Ok, understood.


UPDATE:  My problems may have been my fault.

I happened to notice that I did not change the power adapter when I switched in the 3782 router, so I replaced the adapter with the new one and my problem was resolved.

It is beyond my ken to understand how the normal internet and VPN connections worked, but some remote drive mapping assignments on the VPN were KO'ed

The old adapter output was 12v @ 1A and the new one was 12v @ 1.5A.


Hope no one else has to learn this lesson the hard way !

So, by and large, I'm happy with the 3782 for now, except for the DNS issue.


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Sorry, but the adapter turned out to be a red herring. I can resolve to VPN issue by alternatively connecting via wireless & ethernet.
That is if the problem exists, and I'm connected via ethernet , then I reconnect via wireless and vice-versa.
Wierd. Now I don't know whether to point the finger at the router or the VPN !
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Old thread but,



Start with the obvious, easy fixes. Save yourself embarrassment when you find out it's the microfilter that's knackered!

This helped me. Thanks.


Worked a treat

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Wow! Well done! Thanks for that: just had to change the first bit to my router's address and hey presto all sorted.

Just hope it cures my connection problems!
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I'd like to say thanks for this link. There's no way I could get to this option using the router's interface, and TalkTalk have just told me that these settings can't be changed.

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@ajaxupgrades wrote:

Old thread but,



Thanks for this, another satisfied customer Thumbs_up

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