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Dial Tone but no DSL signal.

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Hi Peoples!

First post, but basically I'm not getting any joy on live chat and cannot get through to tech support on the phone.

This morning, there was no internet (the kids noticed first, and as this is the end of the world, woke me up about it!) I reset the router and openreach modem, still nothing. Swapped my router over to the talktalk hub black that sits in the corner unused as i prefer the performance of my asus router. Still nothing, no DSL signal. (The landline phone has dial tone, and makes and receives calls)


I contact live help who, after about an hour of checks and tests, insists it's my router and a new one will be sent out, but I'm really not convinced this is actually the fault. Neither of my devices will sync or find a DSL signal on the line, so, given that my setup was fine yesterday, and the talktalk hub black has about an hour of use on it, is this a reasonable explanation of the fault, as i feel it has to be more an issue at the exchange or cabinet, rather than my equipment. Also, I have tried the test socket on the master, exactly the same, Router says no DSL signal.


I hope my ramblings make some kind of sense, I just think it needs and engineer to investigate, and not a new router. Also, using my mobile phone hotspot for connection, so a bit limited on data.




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It really is careless of TalkTalk not to distinguish between their products better, especially the 150 clash.


Fibre, Future Fibre and Ultra Fibre, with appropriate speed suffixes anyone?

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Just to muddy the waters even further, TT have two full fibre products, Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) which is available in York and a few other areas.


That is not over the Openreach network, not sure if any telephony is provided.


Future Fibre - Data Only is TT's Full fibre offering over the Openreach network and comes in two sizes, 150 and 500.


Then, as previously mentioned Fibre 150/250 which is only available on some fibre cabinets which have the module and if the customer line is short enough.


It's a confusing world at TT, they should have named their products a little better !

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The "early rollout" of TalkTalk's full fibre Openreach supplied product was on a trial basis.  The TalkTalk customer retained a 'phone and broadband package delivered to a standard master socket and continued to pay for that package.  The customer had a full fibre broadband connection provided free for 6 months on a trial basis and could choose to keep full fibre broadband on a new contract at the end of the trial period.

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I stand corrected, TT ready should make their product naming clearer. The TT Wi-Fi router that I've got has a whole section for G.Fast but it's not something I've got experience with. I have heard that during the early rollout, TT were providing a bundled FTTP + phone package where they installed a full fibre connection but retained the copper connection for telephone service only. Just another example of adding to the potential confusion lol

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@KrystalineD  Fibre 150 ( comes over the phone line and has a separate modem as the TT HUB's integrated modem is not compatible.


The OP has already said they have a phone line and have dialed 17070 to check their number.


TT having two products named "150" is the issue and it may have confused you by the look of it.


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I'm curious and confused. You mention using an Openreach modern with your router and also mention DSL signal (or lack of).

Is your service one of the Full Fibre FTTP products (typically with speeds between 150mb & 500mb).

If you're on the full fibre connection, you won't have a DSL signal. In this case, the line comes into your house, goes into your openreach modem and then uses a LAN cable connected to your routers WAN port. 


If you do have a DSL service (typically 80mb or less), your phone line comes into your master socket, into a micro filter and would then connect directly to your router via its phone socket, you wouldn't need to use a modem fort dsl connection

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

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I'm really sorry for the delay. I didn't see your response back into our work queue, apologies for that. If all testing has been completed then the next step will be for an engineer to take a look. Please let us know how you get on.





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Don't worry actually. I finally got through to tech support and they've booked an engineer. I hope! Thanks anyway, and if there's any more issues I'll post here. Thanks all who tried to help.


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@Michelle-TalkTalk Hi, Michelle, any ideas or updates on this?


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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk 

Thanks for your reply. Before bed last night I put everything back, so the router is plugged in to the normal filtered output port on the master socket. It's a talktalk hub black I think, if I login to the router on my laptop it says it's a model DG8041W. On the router login page under DSL information it says 'DSL synchronisation status: No Signal' I also ran a hardware test from its menu, which came back as no faults, furthering my idea that it's not a fault with my equipment.


There seems to be quite a few people around my area with internet issues. Not sure if they're all coincidence or not 😂


I'm posting on here with my mobile on 4g, there's no connection for my home WiFi at all.


Thanks for your help in this.



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I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now, however the results are inconclusive. Can I just confirm, is the router connected directly at the test socket at the moment? Are you still connecting with the modem? What is the make and model of the router please?





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Hi @Skynet_TX 

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. Yes I've been on my account and run a line test, that comes up and says I need to check my in home setup, so I followed it through the suggestions (I'd already tried them all anyway, but did again nonetheless!) And then just gives the option of chat help to resolve, and that's not much help. I guess it's not showing a fault, but IMO the must be, I just can't see it's both my routers gone faulty at the same time!


Also phoned 17070 and yes, the number read out is my number.


There seems to be a few reports on local social media of others having no internet either, not necessarily talktalk, which furthers my suspicion it's an exchange issue. 


It's funny, now we have no connection, just how much we use the internet, the kids are especially suffering! I had to buy a TV licence just so they had something to watch!!


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Hi @Inspector Monkfish,


It would be worth going to the Service Centre to run a connection test on your line (although I would hope the chat team would have checked this anyway), this will indicate if there is currently a fault affecting your service. You can also access this from the ‘My Account’ site.


Can you also dial 17070 on your landline phone, this will read back the phone number of the line, can you ensure this is the number you expect (i.e. the number displayed in 'My Account').


The TalkTalk staff on this community will be able to help, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post tomorrow.