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Disappointed with my engineer visit - poor/little advice given

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We had an openreach engineer visit yesterday to set up our new internet connection with TalkTalk. I appreciate that given the current situation regarding coronavirus that some of the service would be affected, but I was very disappointed with the engineer's service. He informed us he wasn't allowed to come into the house (which I can understand), but he was frankly quite rude, didn't answer my questions properly and left us to set up the hub on our own. 


My main issue, which I'm hoping someone here could help me with, is that our phone line connection point is in the entrance hallway bit of the house, but there is no power socket to plug the hub into anywhere nearby. Currently I have had to stretch the line across the hallway into the front room, so that I could plug the hub into a power socket on the far wall (if the phone point and the plug were any further it would fit!). Our old hub is upstairs, where we need the new hub to sit (to ensure everyone in the house receives good signal). We asked about this and the only advice the engineer could give was to get an extension power cable. However this won't work as it would need to be very long, and we would have to feed it under carpet and around the stairs, which we couldn't do.


Is there a way, instead, to get an extended phone line to come out from the connection point, which we could more easily feed up to the hub upstairs? Or is there another fix for this issue? I would be really grateful for any suggestions!


I wanted to contact TalkTalk directly, but they seem to have disabled their chat function and are only fielding calls from vulnerable people or those with preexisting issues. Again, I can understand this in the current situation, but still think overall the service we received has been sub-par.


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Hi @Taylerw, thanks for your reply. I have already managed to sort out my problem thanks to the help from someone in the TalkTalk community. I have had to purchase a longer ADSL cable to be able to re-position my hub/router in a more convenient place, which will hopefully arrive later this week.


I appreciate that due to the current national situation the engineer visit needed to be slightly more cautious, but I would like to make the following points as feedback:

1: TalkTalk confirmed I would be visited by an engineer to install my new internet connection. In the texts I received, there was no mention of changing protocol relating to coronavirus, so I was unaware that the engineer would not enter my house (although he eventually did briefly to plug in the router, although he wouldn't go upstairs to where our previous router was, and where we would like the new one to go). It would have been useful if this could have been communicated in advance.

2: The engineer who visited (I assume an openreach engineer based on the van he arrived in) was not very helpful and didn't listen or effectively answer my questions, and seemed intent on not talking to me if at all possible. Perhaps this was due to worries over the virus (which I understand) but I was disappointed that he didn't effectively explain what he was doing, or give me a useful answer on how to solve my problem. I have the name of the engineer in the text I was sent from TalkTalk, but don't want to publish it online or to make trouble for him, but I think it might be useful feedback for TalkTalk to improve this part of their service.

3: It is disappointing that TalkTalk don't provide longer cables to allow for routers to be placed in the best site within the house, and as a result I have had to buy a longer cable separately, increasing the costs of getting our new TalkTalk service working effectively. I also found there was very little in the way of instructions or help within the box for answering these questions.


As I believe my issue is mostly resolved, I don't know if you still need me to add my phone number to my profile, but please let me know if it would be helpful. Thank you again for your comment, and I appreciate this must be a very busy time for you and the team, but I hope my comments might be useful feedback.


Thanks 🙂 


Enlightened One
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Hi @JFBedthis has been passed onto the team. Someone will be in touch to help ASAP. Before we can look into your account please can you add your home phone number to your Community Profile so we can locate your details. Please do not post any personal info on here as it’s public. We're working as quickly as possible to get through a large queue due to reduced support staff at the moment so we really appreciate your patience 🙂