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Disconnected a month early

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Hi I was asked to give a Talktalk 30 days notice to close my account which would give me ample time to find a new provider. However they closed my account and disconnected me 27 days early. I’ve had no phone line and no broadband for a week now. I phone every day but nobody helps me they just don’t care that I’m carIng for my vulnerable elderly mother. I am unable to do any banking pay bills shop online or continue with my energy supply switch. However, much worse than that, having lost my job I’m unable to go online and make a claim for any sort of benefit. Why won’t anyone help me? I’m desperate. I don’t care about putting myself at risk but I’m so afraid of making my mother ill. They admit that it’s their fault but they still won’t put me back online. I can’t even go to another provider because there is no line to connect to. Does anyone have any suggestions please. 


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Hi Bronbroen, I'm sorry this has happened and in normal circumstances it wouldn't have. The advice you've been is absolutely correct. You need to place a new order for a connection whether that be TalkTalk or another ISP. If you are a registered key worker or are vulnerable and have proof of that you may be able to get the order expedited to get you online quicker. That though depends on BT OpenReach engineers and other priority customers placing orders in your area. 



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No, I don't work for TT.


@Karl-TalkTalk  does and he has given you the definitive answer about your line.


In the last 8 weeks many customers have given notice or tried to move their service from TT and then changed their minds and tried to cancel the move or cancellation, only to find that due to the lack of available contact the "cease" date arrives and they are disconnected.


TT staff have confirmed numerous times that once that happens it is impossible to get reconnected unless a new order is made.


I have not heard of any customer having their service reinstated by TT.


We can go back and forth on this until the cows come home but it won't change the facts :-


You are no longer a TT customer, you have lost your phone number and to get internet and phone via your phone line, you need to order the service from TT or another ISP.

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Do you work for a Talktalk?

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@Bronbroen  I am not trying to push you anywhere, except into making an order, as that is your only option.


TT have acknowledged their mistake but as @Karl-TalkTalk said :-


"once a line is fully ceased, for whatever reason, there is no way to turn this back on"


You need to stop dwelling on TT's mistake, it cannot be undone.


A 4G SIM and router could be an interim option until you can get reconnected via your phone line.
















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I’m not sure if you’re making fun of me. It’s not me that has made a mistake or done anything wrong. I would still have a service now and I would be able to order however I can’t. We are looking at months. When I cool why did they promised to sort it out and why do they promised to call me back. I feel like you and talk talk are going to push me over the edge. Who will look after my mum


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OK, the facts.


You said you had given notice to cancel, many people in that position have had great difficulty trying to reverse that and as I said, if there was a "cease" on the line another provider would not have been able to provide a service until TT disconnected your line.


Under the "gaining provider" system, if you had ordered from another company that uses the same line (not needing to cancel TT) then there is no reason for TT to "make it difficult" unless you owe them money.


TT have acknowledge their mistake to you verbally, but you are now no longer a TT customer.


If you wish to get a service from TT, you need to place a new order and even then you will be at the mercy of Openreach as to installation dates, unless you can persuade TT to expedite your order, the date could be well into the future.


In your OP, you say there is no line to connect to, that is NOT the case, any company can connect a service to your line unless you have physically ripped the socket and line from the wall.


You wanted a suggestion, here it is :


Order broadband from whoever can provide it soonest, the inability to input an active phone number is no bar to doing so, you can order by your address.



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None of that matters. Let’s just talk about facts.
Talktalk have disconnected me on the wrong date. I would have had a month to either stay with talk talk and renew my package or opt for another supplier. When I wanted to swap supplier before talk talk made it very difficult for me. I have been a customer for two years I have never missed a payment. If they have disconnected me they should reconnect me. They have taken away my lifeline quite literally. It was the Belfast centre that did this and they admitted the staff are new and don’t quite know what they’re doing yet and so the wrong date was entered. They have made the mistake and they should put it right I have found out what my consumer rights are. This is affecting my mental health and my physical health

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If you wished to get a service over the same phone line, what you should have done is order from the new provider and they would have arranged the changeover on your behalf, the date would have been coordinated by the two companies


During the notice period you gave to TT, there would have been a "cease" on your line which would have prevented a new order until TT had disconnected you.


Therefore you would have had a period without service until the new provider had taken your order and arranged an installation date, which could have been weeks ahead.


Even though TT have messed up and disconnected you early, doing it the way you have means you have lost your phone number and would have anyway if they had got the date right.


Your only option now is to order from another provider.


As @Karl-TalkTalk  has said, TT cannot undo this.

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Thanks for your reply
The problem is I have paid for a service until the 20th of May. Talktalk admit that they made a mistake and put the wrong date in the letter to disconnect my service. If they have made the mistake they should correct it. I haven’t done anything wrong. This is severely affecting my vulnerable mother’s life and mine now. I feel such a fool for believing that anyone would call me back and help put their mistake right. I really can’t take much more.

Support Team
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To add to the advice from Martswain,  once a line is fully ceased, for whatever reason, there is no way to turn this back on.  This would require that you place a new order to talktalk as though you are joining again.  This will start the process and create an install order passed to Openreach to assign an installation date.   You can place an order with any other supplier of course, but the only way to progress through to installation is by placing an order.





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If TT have ceased providing a service, there should be no reason why you cannot order from another provider that offers broadband over the phone line.