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Disgusting simply shameful

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I am totally disgusted by talk talk customer services it's like speaking to a brick wall and all they seem to be interested is to flog.


I have been receiving marketing calls from talk talk from number 08009555544 and upon investigation is talk talk trying to flog the new full fibre packages that I don't want. I'm lucky to be in a full fibre area but I need my landline for emergency use as elderly relatives live with me. I had six calls from 08009555544 even though my account says no marketing calls via any method. Registered with tps...but clearly talk talk is above all this and can flog.


So I went on the phone to customer services and clearly based abroad but they don't understand what no marketing calls means. Told advisor I don't want these type of calls from talk talk and his next sentence I question anything was "let me tell you about a fantastic new service in your area". As I need my landline I don't want full fibre.

The agent was not having any of it kept saying can't hospitals and care homes have your mobile number instead? I said I don't want full fibre I just want these marketing calls to stop.


So I went through the jargon with him and said look if talk talk can't provide a landline number I'm not interested.


Now I have found that given I'm only on fibre 35 with my calls if I wanted to increase my internet speeds I would need to ditch my landline as fibre 65 and above is no longer available in full fibre areas. What a total joke.


Some come end of my contract as talk talk can't provide landlines to full fibre areas I'm stuffed.


Been looking on my account and all you can do is switch to this nonsense. Fair enough faster speeds is one thing but no landline number is another.


What are people doing in situations like this?


Also what's really annoying me is fibre 65 is now cheaper than plan got and I can't do nothing about it. 



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Hold on to Fibre35 until Talktalk has set up viable phone possibilities for Future Fibre, @Anthonygb.


It looks like none of us will be able to hang onto the traditional landline in the end, but it is indeed worrying that the new service doesn't currently provide a phone option. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole until they sort out the provision properly. 


And that's with (slow) Fast Broadband being even more expensive than FTTC! No option even for Fibre35 here.


Not all lines are capable of the increased speeds of Fibre65, so you might not find that other providers can offer you faster speeds in the meantime either, without taking up FTTP.


It's whether any of the other providers provide a satisfactory telephone option?

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.