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Do I have fibre broadband?

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 i have just purchased the faster fibre package from talk talk. See results from my router in photo above. Below is a photo from my welcome letter from talk talk.


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Hi Hasson82


Apologies for the delay. I have posted on your other topic on the Community.





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As they say "whatever", seen it all before.
Happy splicing !

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Well martin, if talk talk's customer service extends as far as your cheeky comments it looks like paying £150 to leave is actually quite a bargain.

You are nothing more than a damage control parking attendant for talk talk.

Have a good one martin, you have confirmed my lack of confidence in a company that should know better. Keep up the good work marty boy!

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@Hasson82 , seeing as you have only been a forum member for 5 working days and have made several posts on the same subject, it's hardly surprising that staff have not been to pick up your real issue and help to resolve it.


TT do have a 30 day connection guarantee for new customers, which is clearly shown in the letter you yourself have posted, so you had plenty of time to get things resolved.


The complaints code is at the bottom of the page.

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I've written a letter of complaint to, talk talk has sent back an automated email to say that my email will not be dealt with and to redirect the query to either live chat or via phone call. I've already exhausted these avenues and get directed into a merry-go-round customer service loop where the only option is to send an openreach engineer. 

TT have failed to provide a modern/reliable broadband service, failed to acknowlege the fact I am not connected to a fibre broadband service and failed to give openreach my address for my engineer visit this morning. an engineer 277miles(nottingham) away phoned me today to attend my address in Glasgow.

I believe my consumer rights have been violated and I have no option but to look at other ways to log a complaint. 

If someone lies to you and sells you a product which is not fit for purpose you should be able to return it free of charge after at least 7 days of not being happy. Unfortunately I have had to cancel my broadband and suffer the cancellation fee of £154. the whole thing feels illegal. It will be interesting to see how far I need to push this until I get a suitable explanation for this clear act of deceit on behalf of TT.

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@Hasson82 , as you said elsewhere, everybody is entitled to post as long as it's not offensive.


Suggest you call TT or use Live Chat and tell them your connection is showing as ADSL when it should be VDSL.


Here's a little tune for whilst you wait or to help you make up your mind.


Either that or wait for an OCE reply here.



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Due to the terrible customer service from talk talk i dont actually know what im doing.
Some of the responses from these "talk talk gurus" are downright rude.
Hello! Reality check @Gliwmaeden2, i have purchased a product that isnt functioning properly. What give you the right to address me like that?
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@Hasson82, perhaps keep everything in one thread?


Not really clear at the moment whether you are trying to stay or trying to leave:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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You have a basic broadband connection.


"Standard" in your screenshot says ADSL


If you were on fibre it would say VDSL

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Hi @Hasson82 have you had any success calling the number in the welcome letter?

Or is that a silly question?

your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear soon.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.