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Do I need a new router for Fibre65 upgrade?

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Hi there. I've just upgraded to Fibre65, and have just had a brand new router delivered. The thing is it looks exactly the same as the router I've been using for at least the last couple of years. The boxes are identical apart from having different bar codes. They both have the same item name FAST 5364.


My questions are:

Is this a more powerful router?

If it's an identical router, do I need to install it and go through the rigmarole of changing the wi-fi passwords on all my devices? 


Thanks in advance.




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Save the current configuration file from your current router to a device.


Fire up the new router without connecting to the incoming line, connect to the WiFi and log in, upload the saved configuration file to the new router.


They should both then have identical settings and you'll have a ready to go spare !




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if your current router is working there is indeed little point in swapping it out for an identical model.