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Dropping internet 10 times a day but stable after?

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My queries is, why am I experiencing dropping connection like every 20 min to 1 hour each day. ? It takes 2 to 5 minutes each time to be reconnected. Normally it's in the morning or afternoon. It tend to be more stable after 2.30pm and less likely to be disconnected. It normally happen about 10 times when it start dropping. 


Am I getting interference? Or just random issue? I might try remove all and plug straight into the master socket but the reason we didn't do it is because of the power cable and socket is quite far . 


For example, since 1pm we have constant drop for atleast 10 times and now it's 2.50 and so far we have no drop out for the past 30 min. 


Anyone have similar issue? 


The speed was great but this dropping is a bit annoying esp. son have remote learning. 


Spoken to online chat and wasn't impressed with the lady. She suggest an engineer visit but we already have 2 engineer visit and one finally able to get our internet service back after 13 days of no service.  Both engineer said the line is healthy and stable. So I don't see the point of wasting time and money for an engineer


Thank you all for your time. 



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Hi chuey,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line which has detected a possible issue. Just to confirm, does your master socket have a test socket? If it does then would it be possible to connect the microfilter and router at the test socket so we can re-run the line test again please?




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Hi @chuey,


If your master phone socket has a test socket then it would be worth trying the router in there, that would then eliminate any of the phone wiring in your home as being a possible cause of the problem.


The TalkTalk staff on this community will also be able to help, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within a working day or two.