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I haven't found a way to contact talk talk, so I'm hoping maybe someone here can help.


I have just come to the end of an 18 month contract and talk talk have started charging my 34.95 as opposed to the 24.95 I was paying. I can see in 'upgrades and offers' that fibre 65 is avaliable for £24 for 18 months but don't know how to switch to this. 


Talk talk seem impossible to TALK to!! Oh the irony!


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Hi  @emmaheaven1


Did you manage to get through  on 03451 720046.? 




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Phone LOYALTY on 03451 720046.


They are open from 9am Monday to Saturday. 


Or try Chat,  @emmaheaven1. Scroll down on this page for the link, after 9am. Full details of opening hours are on that page too.


Be sure to ask them to check whether your line can support the speeds. If you are already on Faster Fibre, your line needs to have been capable of close to 40Mbps download for Fibre65 to work. 


Otherwise your line will be OK with Fibre35.


Just because it is there in an offer doesn't mean it is suitable for you. 


Chat will be open till 9pm on weekday evenings. 


Forum staff can't process renewals. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.