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Engineer needed

First Timer
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Hello. I kindly would ask for help with the following issue.


I contracted yesterday the broadband fibre connection for my new house. The house is old, and I know for sure that an engineer is needed to fix a old telephone socket.


At firsts Talktalk said that an engineer visit was needed, and booked one. Then this morning I got an email saying they double-checked the address and an engineer visit is not needed. But I am sure it is.


How can I have them send the engineer?



Support Team
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Hi Fedecart,


Can you please update your community profile to include your:

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We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated. 




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There's no master socket so you do need an Openreach (or similar) technician to fit one. The wire coming from the junction box looks carelessly cut IMHO.


BTW judging from that particular embossed BT logo on the cover, that junction box is likely a BT80 (or similar - a BT92 has the same circuit board and connection arrangement, but is (or was) given a different BT number if used with a Redcare system!) from the early 80's-mid 90's; junction boxes of 50 or so years ago didn't look like that - they were coloured plastic (usually the same as the colour of the phone) with "Post Office" or "GPO" embossed onto them:-








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Take a picture.


Reply to this post, just above the box in the toolbar you will see the icons for BOLD ITALIC etc, click on the camera icon (4th from right) and upload the picture.


If you are renting, suggest you get your landlord to sort it out, otherwise wait for a reply from staff here.


You can call 0345 172 0046, but you'll need your new TT phone number.



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I attached a picture


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I dont have a working phone socket. There is a very old socket (60+ years old) which also double-checking with the landlord has to be changed, to install a phone socket.


I dont understand how to add a picture here. I see no camera icon, where do I find it?


My question is, given that is sure that the engineer appointment is needed, how do I contact talktalk to book for one?


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If you have a line to the house and a working phone socket then an engineer will not be needed if you are getting Faster Fibre which comes over the copper telephone line.


What exactly is the issue with the socket ?


Take a pic and insert it in your post using the camera icon on the posting toolbar, use LARGE size.