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Engineer not arrived

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Engineer scheduled 0800-1300, hasn't arrived.

No contact number provided by TalkTalk at all or name to get hold of. 

Confirmed he will visit on my profile and also via chat.
Tried chat option today but they have been no help. 

Please help - urgently needed for key worker who is at home. 


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Hi willbriggs2,


I'm really sorry about the experience you've had, that's not good at all and I'm sorry we let you down. I understand that you now have services with Virgin and that the order with TalkTalk is cancelled.


Apologies again for the inconvenience caused.





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Well...that was fun.

Spent 3 hours on live chat today, with each reply taking about 15 minutes to come. Was passed between 4 different people, until someone eventually told me that it wasn't actually possible to set up WiFi at my home. No idea why still. Anyway, 2 more people and another 90 minutes later, they have cancelled my contract. 

Single handedly the most painful and disappointing customer service I have ever experienced - my partner has taken a day off and waited at home all day for their engineer to arrive, nice of them to tell us around 2pm that he was never scheduled in the first place!

Booked almost instantly with Virgin who are £5 cheaper p/m and 10, yes TEN, times faster in terms of actual connection speed. 

Would follow suite if I was you, Len! 


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I tried the live chat for appointment isses but was told to contact the fibre people by phone. This I did but was told there were  tecnical issues with the  openreach appointment system (last Tuesday 16th). This was following an engineer arriving at our property when talktalk said following consultation with openreach that they were not coming to connect us. I d'ont believe a word they say. Good luck with your problem.

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Forum support is not instant.


As staff do not work weekends they are working through topics from oldest posts first.


It may take a day or so to get a reply from an OCE.


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Been on 'live chat' since 11am. 

'Sebenzile.Dlamini1' told me s/he was going to talk to Outreach 45 minutes ago and still has not replied.


I am wasting time, money, and internet data sitting here waiting to hear back.

Please get back to me ASAP.