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Erratic, slow or no connection since starting Fibre 65 package

Alison Fell
First Timer
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Hi there, I hope someone can help,

I'm having a nightmare with my connection since 'upgrading' to fibre 65.


I have run numerous service status line tests, which say I have a healthy connection.

Speed tests have shown as much as 61MB/s, for a few seconds, before it plummets to as little as 0.2. I am currently typing this using my phone's 5g signal as a hotspot, as the connection has been 0.2 for the last 2 hours...

When my connection was turned on I had to chase TT to supply me with a new router (my old one was ADSL+ only, not VDSL), as they didn't send one. It showed around 50MB/s on the first day (Two weeks ago) but has been slow, erratic or dropping out completely every day since then.

The router is a D-Link 3872.

I have turned it off, for over 40 minutes (to get a new session?) that does improve it, sometimes for an hour or so, before it all craps out again.


Any ideas please, I just want a stable, fastish internet connection


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Hi Alison,


Great, thank you 🙂





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Thank you OCE_Karl,

I'll try it out as soon as it arrives and let you know how it goes.




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Hi Alison


All tests are clear, no issues showing.  I've a different model router on the way so hardware can be ruled out.





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Thank you Skynet,

Yes, TT said they would charge me for one of their current routers, which seemed a bit mean as I've been a TT customer for over 10 years, so they gave me this one for free, which may be the problem.


My master socket is an FTTC one, it has a built in filter.

I even tried taking the front off of that, attaching the supplied microfitmer and putting that in the master phone socket, to no avail.


Thanks for your help, I'll wait and see if someone can help on Monday.


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Hi @Alison Fell,


Seems a bit strange that you have been sent a fairly old model of router. Might be best to let the staff here run some tests to see what they can see, if they think the problem may be related to the router then they should be able to arrange a replacement for you, and that may well be one of the newer models of router.


If your master phone socket has a test socket then you could try the router in there, just to see if that makes any difference.


The staff won't be around now until Monday, but they should be able to respond early next week to help.