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Estimated and Guaranteed differences between neighbours

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Just a quick one that has been confusing me and can't seem to easily find an answer. I think I have poor Search-Fu skills.


How come with, for example, Fibre65 one property can get an estimated range of 51-56 and a minimum of 48, and another get 66-73 with a minimum of 58?


I can understand distance from cabinet arguments, but in my mum's street a house that is admittedly marginally closer to the cabinet but further from the pole the phone line comes off shows on the "what can I get page" with the higher numbers. The pole is the same distance from the cabinet for everyone in the street, so surely the limiting factor would be the length of the phone line from the pole to the house?


It's not a big issue, I'm happy with the speeds she's getting (it's early days yet, so I hope it stays that way), I'm just curious what the limiting factor is is when it comes to the estimated and guaranteed ranges.


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Hi, thanks for that. It sort of makes some sense, although it does seem counterintuitive that the lines would take a different route from the pole to the cabinet, then to the exchange. I'd have thought they'd all be in the same channeling. But, I can accept that's probably it. I doubt quality would be the issue since my mum's line at least was a new line as part of the install.


Thanks anyway, it does clarify one thing - this stuff is complicated 🐵


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The speed of your connection is largely related to the length of the cable from the main socket to the exchange, while you may be able to see the little green box, the pole and the exchange, the line length is not measured as the "crow flies" (straight line from one point to another) and so it's very possible that 2 houses next door to each other on the same exchange can get different speeds because the length and potentially the quality can be longer/slightly worse. I hope this makes sense.